Facebook Gaming: D Entertainment feels the love of 1 million followers

Posted by Bryan Terng on June 17, 2020

There's a rare breed of Facebook Gaming streamers with the ability to amass as many as a million followers, and D Entertainment is one such example.

Mohd. Ridhwan Kadir - or better known to his huge fan base as Mr. D; no, not because of Mr. X from Resident Evil 2 - celebrated his latest milestone recently, in the midst of streaming his regulars, PUBG Mobile and Call of Duty: Mobile. His peak viewership for the past week was over 920k! A testament to his surging popularity.

"I am overjoyed, because I never thought I'd reach 1 million followers," the Facebook Gaming Creator expressed. "I feel there are a lot of other streamers better than me, so I'm grateful for the support I've received from my fans up until now, no matter where they come from. This milestone wouldn't be possible without them."

Mr. D attributes his success to the wide variety of games he played through the months (such as Dragon Raja SEA, Sea of Thieves and Grand Theft Auto Online), participating in esports tournaments, and collaborating with other streamers. "Most importantly, you have to hustle hard and be consistent; focus on defeating the person you were yesterday."

The mobile/PC gamer is the second streamer to reach this milestone in Malaysia, following the success of pro MLBB player Mohd Faris “Soloz” Zakaria in March this year - who has since risen to 1.4 million followers, with zero signs of slowing down his influence.

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