FanCFreakz: Dad gamer is all about family and good vibes

Posted by Bryan Terng on February 29, 2020

From salesman to streamer, FanC remains steadfast in his pursuit of happiness and the well-being of his wife and daughter.

Most of us can relate to feeling lost in our work or studies. It’s a test to one’s sanity, going through the motions while maintaining a work/study life we don't care for so that we’re not wasting our lives away. However, after enduring that for his previous job of 11 years, Facebook Gaming Creator, FanCFreakz, found his calling through video game streaming and made it his full-time career, enabling him to spend more time with the most important people in his life: his precious three-year-old daughter and lovely wife.

“My daughter greets my viewers in all of my streams,” Teh “FanCFreakz” Jin Shi said with a chuckle. “When they say something nice or share my stream, she’ll help me thank them in return.”

To #newbeginnings

Known by his cohorts as FanC, the 31-year-old father was inspired by his friend - who was also a Creator - to stream video games. He advised FanC on jump starting his new career path, even teaching him what streaming setup is needed before live streaming Overwatch for the first time. While it got decent views on a first attempt, he had to juggle between streaming and his 8-6 job to pursue it further, hindering the already-limited time he has left for his family.

“I felt like I was missing out on a lot of 'golden moments' with my daughter,” the Kuala Lumpur native recalled, saying there are moments he wished to have experienced firsthand, such as the first time the infant stood up or walked her first steps. After years of appeasing a diverse clientele and tolerating feelings of unappreciation to earn his keep, he called it quits to pursue his newfound passion for content creation. Needless to say, he became happier as his hard work paid off, with his fan base growing constantly.

#goodvibes only

Now, not only does FanC have more time to be with his family, but he also became comfortable being himself on-stream, thanks to the enjoyment he feels being in this line of work. “If you do the things you really love and go full force with it, you’d be willing to try new stuff and be more successful at it.” This is evident for the Malaysian streamer, who admitted that he’s initially an introvert and learned to come out of his shell by loving the streams he’s been doing.

“Most of my fans watch my streams to hang out and chill,” he said, explaining that he focuses more on entertaining viewers than his gameplay in Call of Duty: Mobile, Garena Free Fire, and sometimes Mobile Legends: Bang Bang. Even so, there’s the occasional bad apples that disrupt his stress-free community, but FanC shared that he refuses to acknowledge them. “Instead of catering to those types of people, I’d rather give my fans the attention they deserve.” He hopes to maintain his positive person on-stream, and be a good role model to his daughter.


There’s a certain similarity between FanC’s childhood and his willingness to be the father. He grew fond of games at an early age, inspired by his dad who was a fellow gamer, having played Diablo, Red Alert, Command and Conquer and so on. Even his family reserved an area in the house to be a home cybercafe for him and his siblings, because they were pretty strict about letting them go to public internet cafes. Then again, who would want to go there if their dad built gaming PCs for them, despite his busy schedule? It’s no wonder FanC wants his little girl to have as good a childhood as he did.

Although he’s still trying to make as much time as possible for his family, it’s fortunate he has the flexibility to advance his content creation endeavour, namely, co-founding a video production cum talent management group with his fellow streamer friends. There’s no telling what else he has in mind to achieve, but it’s without a doubt that there’s more to come from FanC.

On what he thinks that future streamers should know, he advised, “Be yourself and stick to your own streaming style,” saying that it would make you feel happier and be more sincere, thus, motivating you to do it better and attract more viewers. “No matter how bumpy it gets, stay cool and stick to your schedule. You’ll get there one day.”

Come hang out with FanCFreakz during his streams on Facebook.


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