E1 Championship Finish Line Summary: Round 5 Results (Circuit De Spa-Francorchamps)

Posted by Bryan Terng on December 23, 2020

Though you racing lovers currently aren't able to visit historical racing circuits like the Circuit De Spa-Francorchamps in Stavelot, Belgium, we got the next best thing for you guys - the premier sim (simulated) racing of E1 Championship, which had its fifth round last Thursday night (17 December).

Curious to know how Round 5 of the E1 Championship went? We got that covered:

Qualifying round

The top 5 players in the Qualifying Round (those with the fastest lap time) were all just within half a second from each other combined, a solid showcase of the prowess of the sim drivers onboard the series.

P1 to P5 finishes: 

  1. GT Radial Eurasia – Inigo Anton (1:40:745)– 5 points
  2. Stratos Motorsport – Naquib Azlan (1:40:807) – 4 points
  3. Team Safehouse – Mikko Nassi (1:41:135) – 3 points 
  4. Scuderia Stratos – Troy Eimann (1:41:197) – 2 points 
  5. RSG – Ayman Aqeem (1:41:197) – 1 point

Race 1

Both racers from Stratos, Naquib Azlan (Stratos Motorsports) and Troy Eimann (Scuderia Stratos) had a solid start, snatching the top 2 spot right away with championship leader Mikko Nassi in tow. The Team Safehouse driver was hunting them down to the ends of the Earth until he overcame both drivers by Lap 5.

How jovial the top 2 winners of Race 1 look.

Unfortunately, despite leading comfortably, Nassi seemed to have had issues with the game and dropped out of the race, letting Azlan and Eimann take the front once more. Little changed up until the end, with Inigo Anton finally securing a top 3 spot and Alister Yoong of Team Safehouse taking over his disconnected partner's position by placing fourth.

Regardless of his P13 spot, Ayman Aqeem of RSG still managed to secure the fastest lap time.

P1 to P3 Best Lap times: 

  1. Naquib Azlan (Stratos Motorsports) – 1:44:424
  2. Troy Eimann (Scuderia Stratos) – 1:44:183
  3. Inigo Anton (GT Radial Eurasia) – 1:44:420

Race 1 Best Lap time: 

  • Ayman Aqeem (RSG) – 1:43:715

Race 2

It's another race of greens, as Azlan won P1 back-to-back in Round 5, but this time, he's followed by his teammate, Yevan David, making this their first combined Top 2 win.

Once the flag went off, Mika Hakimi of RSG raced to P1 and held onto it for a reasonable amount of time. Though Joaquin Garrido of GT Radial Eurasia was in P2, he was quickly swept to the back as David took over, followed by Azlan.

The top trio went on to continuously trade places in the first half of the race, with David even enjoying the P1 spot momentarily by Lap 9. Eventually, by Lap 13, Azlan rightfully got to his P1 throne - followed closely by his 13-year-old partner-in-crime - and won the race.

Though Nassi didn't get a glowing finish by placing sixth, he compensated with the fastest lap time for Race 2.

P1 to P3 Best Lap times: 

  1. Naquib Azlan (Stratos Motorsports) – 1:43:615
  2. Yevan David (Stratos Motorsports) – 1:43:384
  3. Ayman Aqeem (RSG) – 1:43:450

Race 2 Best Lap time: 

  • Mikko Nassi (Team Safehouse) – 1:42:185

Overall Round 5 standings

Top 3 Drivers of Round 5

  1. Naquib Azlan (Stratos Motorsports) – 54 points
  2. Inigo Anton (GT Radial Eurasia) – 31 points
  3. Troy Eimann (Scuderia Stratos) – 29 points

Overall E1 Championship standings

Thanks to Azlan's outstanding two-wins performance on Round 5, as well as his partner's (David) P2 placement in Race 2, Stratos Motorsports has finally surpassed RSG in the overall teams standings with a 15-point lead. However, they aren't in the clear yet, and RSG still have a chance to overthrow them again if they don't keep their momentum. Azlan's impeccable performance also earned him the P1 spot in the overall drivers leaderbard, taking over previous championship leader, Nassi, with a 37-point headstart. But, with three more rounds left in the championship, anything can happen.

Top 3 performers (Drivers)

  • Naquib Azlan (Stratos Motorsports) – 225 points
  • Mikko Nassi (Team Safehouse) – 188 points
  • Mika Hakimi (RSG) – 144 points

Top 3 performers (Teams)

  • Stratos Motorsports – 301 points
  • RSG – 286 points
  • Team Safehouse – 244 points

The E1 Championship is currently on a two-week break to celebrate Christmas and the New Year's. The action will resume 7 January at 10PM (GMT +8), LIVE on eGG Network TV (CH800) and Facebook.

Be sure to follow E1 Championship on FacebookInstagram and Twitter for weekly updates and exclusive race coverage.

E1 Championship Season Zero is organised by eGG Network, Axle Esports and Astro, in partnership with RaceRoom and eRacing GP.


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