Flawless Week for Todak! MPL-MY S7 Week 6 Results

Posted by George Wong on April 20, 2021

What another exciting week for Mobile Legends: Bang Bang Professional League Malaysia Season 7 fans! We saw the top team of each group duking it out, while Orange Esports picked up a lot of steam to jump up to second place in Group A. If you missed the matches, here's a quick recap of what went down:

  • Todak vs RSG MY (2-0)
  • Reborn Esports vs Suhaz EVOS (0-2)
  • Orange Esports vs Team Bosskurr (2-0)
  • Team SMG vs Geek Fam (2-1)
  • HomeBois vs RED (0-2)
  • Todak vs Suhaz EVOS (2-0)
  • Reborn Esports vs Team Bosskurr (2-0)
  • Orange Esports vs RSG MY (2-1)

Group A

  • 1st – TODAK =
  • 2nd – Orange Esports +1
  • 3rd – Reborn Esports +1
  • 4th – Team SMG +1
  • 5th – HomeBois -3

Group B

  • 1st – Suhaz EVOS =
  • 2nd – RED +2
  • 3rd – RSG MY -1
  • 4th – Geek Fam - 1
  • 5th – Team Bosskurr =

It looks like HomeBois had a terrible week, dropping from second to last place in their group after losing 0-2 to RED while their fellow groupmates all won their matches (except Reborn who went 1-1) this week. On the other end, Suhaz EVOS continues their dominance in the group, despite dropping a match against Group A favourites Todak. RED climbed up to second place, while Bosskurr remains on life support. At this point it seems unlikely for them to be able to secure a spot in the playoffs - Bosskurr would have to win all their upcoming matches and with Geek Fam going 0-4 just to tie with them.

Two weeks left of the regular season and it'll be playoffs time! We can't wait. Which teams do you think will make it? Stay tuned to eGG Network for all the latest news and updates on MPL-MY S7!


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