Free Fire All-Stars 2021: Asia Winners

Posted by George Wong on July 25, 2021

Like all good things, the Free Fire All-Stars 2021: Asia has come to an end. After three days of intense action between your favourite Free Fire celebrities in the region, the winners of this fun tournament have been decided! There were 3 modes throughout the whole tournament - Bomb Squad, Clash Squad and Battle Royale.

For Bomb Squad, we had the Indonesian stars, Indomee finishing in first place after a close 3-2 victory over Vietnam's Phở. It could have gone either way, but on Friday, Indomee were the better team.

In the Clash Squad tournament, we had Som Tum from Thailand taking the trophy away from Boba (Taiwan) 3-1. They lost only one game the whole day, which was during the grand final.

For the last day, which was Battle Royale (the 'normal' game mode), it was a close fight between Indomee and Tom Yum Kung, with the difference between the two coming down to their performance in the final round. While Phở finally found their pace in the final round of the tournament, scoring 32 points and finishing first, it wasn't enough for them to dethrone the top 2. Ultimately, it was Tom Yum Kung who walked away the victors, with a total of 85 points.

Unfortunately for Malaysia's representatives (Durian for MCP), they had a poor showing at the event and walked away with no prize money.

If you'd like to watch the VODs for the tournament, you can check them out below:

It's not often we get to see fun modes in tournaments and it was a breath of fresh air from the typical formats. It would be fun to see the pro teams taking part in these kinds of tournaments in the future, we can only hope! In the mean time, if you want to see more Free Fire celebrity action, the FFAS 2021: EMEA and Americas will be taking place over the next two weeks. Follow Free Fire's Facebook page for more info!


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