Free Fire Asia Championship Final Teams Locked In!

Posted by George Wong on November 22, 2021

The Free Fire Asia Championship play-ins took place over the weekend and we now know the final 12 teams that will be playing this weekend for the trophy.

Group A

Taking the top 2 spots on Saturday were HQ Esports (Vietnam) and SYZYGY (Thailand). The two teams were miles ahead of everyone else, with HQ getting 3/6 BooYahs, and SYZ getting top three in 4/6 rounds. Both teams look in great form for the upcoming finals.

Group B

Group B was a much closer race, with second place and third place being only 3 points apart. Ultimately, it was CGGG (Thailand) and GPX Esports (Indonesia) who emerged top of the groups. Fortunately for Heavy (Vietnam), third place was enough to get into the finals because they scored more points than SAF from group A. The three teams split almost all the BooYahs between each other yesterday, with only one victory going to a team that didn't qualify to the finals (BOX Gaming).

Unfortunately for Malaysian Free Fire fans, DOEASY and 4X MEN XPERT failed to make it out of the play-ins - this means Blacklist International will be the only team to raise the Jalur Gemilang this in the finals. Here are all the teams competing for the championship:


  • Burst The Sky (Vietnam)
  • EVOS Divine (Indonesia)
  • eArena (Thailand)
  • LGDS (Taiwan)
  • Blacklist International (Malaysia)
  • Team Elite (India)
  • Hotshot Esports (Pakistan)
  • HQ Esports (Vietnam)
  • SYZYGY (Thailand)
  • CGGG (Thailand)
  • GPX Esports (Indonesia)
  • Heavy (Vietnam)

The Free Fire Asia Championship concludes on 28 November, 6 PM (GMT +8) and will be broadcast live on Facebook or YouTube. More info.


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