Free Fire: K.O. Night event features full in-game reskin, rewards and updates, Bermuda Remastered returns for good

Posted by Bryan Terng on April 14, 2021

We can't talk about Fight Club, but we certainly can for Free Fire's latest major event, K.O. Night! Step into the fighting ring of Free Fire and duke it out with a slew of updates, rewards and activities that pump up your Free Fire experience.

The newest story characters to join the Free Fire universe are Romeo and Juliet-like boxers Laura and Rafael, lovers who parted ways when they found out they're on opposing factions. However, fate has led them to face each other once more in the premier fighting event of K.O. Night, as they fight for their beliefs and destinies.

Laura and Rafael’s outfits are available in the Male and Female Boxer bundles.

The K.O. Night event brings a full in-game reskin, a special interface with daily missions, peak-day activities, login and friend call-back bonuses, as well as special belt drops that can be exchanged for exclusive K.O. Night-themed rewards.

The latest patch notes details a new playable character, a new weapon, a new revive mechanism, quality-of-life improvements, and finally, the return of Bermuda Remastered as a permanent map in Free Fire.

Aside from visual improvements, plenty of landmarks in the original have been removed from the Bermuda Remastered and replaced with a couple of new ones, including Nurek Dam, Academy, Aden's Creek and Samurai Garden.

How Bermuda Remastered is different from the original. (Image credit: SportsKeeda)

Another highlight from the patch is the revised character progression. Characters can now be levelled up with memory fragments only, earned from playing Free Fire. Awakened characters will also be merging both their original and awakened skills. 

Drop into the K.O. Night tonight on Free Fire today, available for free on the Apple iOS App or Google Play store.

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