Free Fire Project Cobra Introduces a New Character – Shirou

Free Fire Project Cobra Introduces a New Character – Shirou

One of the best things about Free Fire is that the game is frequently updated with tons of new content – something that all free to play gamers like to see. Over the past few months, there have been many announcements regarding upcoming additions to the game and today is no exception.

Garena has announced the details of its upcoming major event – Project Cobra. Featuring a badass looking dude with a sword and holographic cobra, the event is supposed to give Free Fire a full in-game reskin, a special interface, new in-game activities that will allow its players to earn sweet Project Cobra rewards.

The game will also introduce a new character named Shirou, “who is constantly working on evolving himself through battle. As he improves, his strength manifests itself into various Cobra effects. These become more visually impressive the stronger he gets, making him as stylish as he is deadly.”

Bermuda Remastered will also be made available in many game modes during Project Cobra, so if you’re a fan of the map you will be able to play it in Team Deathmatch, Clash Squad and Gun King. Garena has also mentioned other updates like Clash Squad Season 5, a new Dynamic Duo system, updates and adjustments to Training Grounds, and major changes to the social system which will make it easier to invite other people to your games or to accept or reject group invitations in the middle of a match.

Project Cobra will kick off on 19th February but until then, stay tuned to the official Free Fire Facebook page for updates!

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