Geek Fam Girls PUBG Mobile announced, signs PMNC 2020 finalists Waisu Hera roster

Posted by Bryan Terng on November 7, 2020

The rise of women in esports is worthy of a celebration, with more female professional players making their way to the upper echelons of the scene. That's why it comes as no surprise that esports organisation, Geek Fam, has formed their very own all-girls Malaysian team, Geek Fam Girls PUBG Mobile.

Here are the wonder ladies that make up Geek Fam Girls PUBG Mobile:

Anis "Anees" Safiyah - IGL/Scouter
Wan Nor "Mimel" Emylia - Fragger
Nur Fifi "Eevee" Natasha - Rusher
Fatin "1CAA" Amisa - Sniper/Support
Aisya "Rysyaa" Syahiera - Support

Amirul Rashide bin Mat – Manager

If the roster looked familiar to you, it's because Geek Fam took in the former members of Waisu Hera, who disbanded in September. "We were impressed by every competition Hera were in and the achievements they made," revealed manager Amirul. "Thus, we felt that Hera was the best team to carry the 'Geek Fam Girls' name."

And who else would be more over the moon regarding Geek Fam Girls' confirmation, than the girls themselves? "We feel happy with the great opportunity we've been given to play under Geek Fam, not to mention that we'd also be the first all-girls team for them," expressed captain Anees, on behalf of the girls.

It so happened that Hera's contract with Waisu Esports expired by the time they finished competing in the PMPL Ladies SEA Finals (PUBG Mobile Professional League), so the timing couldn't be better for the girls. "We want to continue giving our best by joining Geek Fam," Anees continued.

Waisu Hera firsy blew everyone's socks off by placing third on PMNC 2020 Playoffs Day 1.

Hera used to be under Orange Esports late last year - Anees is the only original member left - before undergoing a roster change and converting to Waisu Hera in June, The newly-signed squad ended up qualifying for the PUBG Mobile National Championship (PMNC 2020), where they first gained recognition after placing top 3 on the first day of the Playoffs, surprising everyone by scoring one Winner Winner Chicken Dinner in the final phase. Even though they ended their PMNC 2020 run by placing eighth, their performance in the PMPL Ladies SEA Finals was nothing short of brilliant, reaching the top 3 with one Chicken Dinner as well.

We look forward to seeing how Geek Fam Girls PUBG Mobile will fare in the next season, and wish them the very best in their esports endeavours.

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