Geek Fam MLBB - Saving Strats and Playing Mindgames

Posted by George Wong on May 13, 2021

The hustle and bustle of the Mobile Legends: Bang Bang Professional League Malaysia Season 7 (MPL-MY S7) regular season might be over, but there's still one weekend of intense action left. In anticipation of the upcoming playoffs, we had a quick chat with the members of Geek Fam's MLBB squad to discuss their performance so far.

For those of you not in the know, Geek Fam went through a rebuild of the squad after two of their members, Ozoraveki and Rumpel left to form the Wild Rift squad. This meant that their shoes had to be filled with new players. Instead of fielding only two replacements, Geek Fam brought along six new players, turning into a 9-man squad. The team now consists of Artz, Dominus, Feekz, Heyden, Lilbee, Maima, Nellbie, Panda and Xorn, with their players swapping in and out depending on the game. Heyden, Lilbee, and Nellbie have yet to play during the regular season, but time will tell if they'll be given the chance in the coming weeks. For what it's worth, the team mentioned that everyone has been getting along, both old and new players alike.

Old + New

Their coach, Amoux admitted that regular season was a chance for the team to improve themselves. "Our focus was to repair the damage of what we were lacking, since it was a long season. It also allowed us to save some strats for the playoffs."

The team did decently in their group, ending second last with a 46% win rate (6-7 match score), but were far from being eliminated thanks to Team Bosskurr who weren't even close to contending their position. Funnily enough, Geek Fam were the only team to lose to Bosskurr (0-2, I might add!). According to Xorn, it was all part of the mind games they were playing. "Losing to Bosskurr felt humourous. Other teams were confused as to why we lost the match when we proved that we could defeat other teams easily. If they look down on us for that result, that's when we'll be able to strike back."

MPL-MY S7 has been a much tougher season for the team, as not only did they have to return to form, the competition grew tougher. "Each team and player has been improving to prove that they deserve the title as much as the other teams in wanting to be the best," said Xorn.

Confidence remains high for the boys, as they head into the playoffs, however, they're not about to underestimate their opponents. "Todak has a higher chance to win the championship, but that does not mean we will not fight to be two-time MPL champions," mentioned Feek. He also believes that Todak, Suhaz EVOS, RED Esports and them will be the ones to advance in the first round of the playoffs.

Geek Fam will have to go up against Team SMG, a team that they lost to on week 6 of the regular season (1-2) so it will be their opportunity at revenge. "Our coach always told us that 'mistakes are the best teachers' when he was with us in season 3. Since his return, he still uses that phrase to motivate us to strive harder. Against SMG, we will definitely do better than the performance we had on week 6," said Maima.

Their thoughts on the meta? "We think it's balanced now, but traditional tanks are falling out of favor since the current meta encourages double supports or fighter tanks," said Heyden. When asked if they missed Veki and Rumpel, the squad mentioned that they did - but they have a new generation of FAMS to make Geek great again.

Lastly, to all you Geek Fam fans out there "Thank you for your constant support, for having a lot of patience with us and trusting the process. We will do our best and try not to disappoint you guys in the playoffs."

Geek Fam will be playing at the MPL-MY S7 playoffs on 28-30 May. Make sure you stay tuned to eGG Network TV to catch all the action live! Follow MPL-MY or us on Facebook for more updates.


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