Geek Fam on Winning Wild Rift SEA Icon: Preseason - Malaysia

Posted by George Wong on March 11, 2021

Last weekend we had our very first major Wild Rift tournament in the country and Geek Fam narrowly managed to win the title after an epic comeback against the Berjaya Dragons. We decided to have a quick chat with the members of the squad to find out more about their thoughts on the tournament and the game itself.

For those of you unfamiliar with the squad, the players are a mix of Mobile Legends: Bang Bang and League of Legend veterans and some fresh faces in the scene.

(Clockwise from top right): TheShang, Nyx, OzoraVeki, Rumpel, Momo

Geek Fam

  • TheShang – Top
  • Rumpel – Jungle
  • OzoraVeki (Captain) – Mid
  • Momo – ADC
  • NyX – Support

How's the new team coming along? Were you happy with your performance in the Preseason?

Rumpel: We didn’t really get the chance to have any actual team bonding activities due to the pandemic but the new team came along pretty well just by practising together. For my preseason performance, I think there are still a lot of areas for me to improve.

What's the biggest struggle the team has at the moment?

TheShang: I think the biggest struggle the team has at the moment is executing our pre-planned tactics with perfect precision. The perfect execution can lead the team closer towards victory.

What's your impression of the other teams? Berjaya Dragons seem really strong, they were the only team to take games off you guys.

NyX: BJD has some really strong players mechanically and they remain one of the strong contenders in the local esports scene. Despite the advantage of their strengths, we are still confident that we can take them on. But we will never underestimate them or any other team's potential such as Team Wulf, M8hexa, Lunatic and others. Players grow from experience every day.

Did you watch the Vietnam Preseason and what did you guys think of their playstyle and hero picks? They prioritized very different heroes compared to Malaysia.

Ozoraveki: We watched and also scrimmed against Vietnamese teams. There wasn't any much of a difference besides the fact that they are good with the Jarvan IV + Ziggs combo. I think it was the patch difference that resulted in the different picks.

Have you scrimmed against other regions yet? Which regions are the most competitive and we should look out for? Any regions you're looking forward to face?

Momo: Yes. I think it is Taiwan because most of them are pro players for the PC version of League of Legends so their mechanical skills are great.

What are the team's plans until the Summer Series? Will you be watching the rest of the preseason? Taking a break?

Ozoraveki: We will be watching all the SEA Icon Series and keep on training every day. We will also be participating in tournaments to get ready.

What do you feel is the biggest difference between Wild Rift and MLBB?

Rumpel: Instead of mastering one or two characters to play the role, we need to master the role to play all the characters.

Ozoraveki: I feel like fundamentally they are two different games with totally different game design in mind, so they can hardly be compared. MLBB heroes are usually more overpowered to a point that, in normal rank play, you can usually 1 vs 3 and win most of your game if you are good, but Wild Rift requires more teamwork and cooperation with your team as you can’t solo carry the game.

What do you feel is the biggest difference between competitive Wild Rift and MLBB?

Rumpel: MLBB has a faster game pace compared to Wild Rift

Ozoraveki: I think it is largely because in MLBB there are no vision wards, so you’d always rely on someone to scout for vision, and getting caught while doing it is inevitable for both sides. Right now MLBB has a better drafting system and hero pool as well compared to Wild Rift, so drafting is much harder in MLBB compared to the simple 2 bans in Wild Rift. One of the biggest downside for MLBB is how broken the hero designs are especially the fighters, but for Wild Rift, currently, there are just too few champions to work around and they really have to work on the unhealthy meta of lane swapping right now.

Do you still keep up with MLBB or play the game?

Rumpel: Even though I stopped playing MLBB, I will still watch the game to support my ex-teammates.

Ozoraveki: I don't really play MLBB anymore but I do watch the Geek Fam team play their tournaments. I will keep supporting them because my ex-teammates are still there.

What is it like playing on such a renowned organization such as Geek Fam? Is the pressure higher or it doesn't make a difference?

TheShang: I do feel the pressure because I want my team to achieve even more in our upcoming matches, so I spend a lot of time practising my skills every day.

Momo: I feel happy to be a part of Geek Fam. There's always some pressure though because we don't want to lose and let our supporters down.

NyX: Playing for Geek Fam has been a good experience so far. I could not have asked for better teammates, management and captain. As a professional player, I will always feel great pressure to win games especially, in major tournaments. There are more local esports talents coming up too. But I think that my past experience as a pro-player in LoL (PC) has given me a better understanding of how to deal with high-pressure games, to improve as a team player, and to win when it matters.

Is being part of a pro team like Geek Fam everything you imagined an esports career would be?

TheShang: There's not so much of a difference between my imagination back then and the reality that I’m situated in now. This is due to the reason that I did extensive research about becoming an esports player before I joined the team. I am anticipating that our team can achieve greater success in the near future.

Momo: Yes. I used to be in an amateur team and at that time, we didn’t have any discipline. However, in a pro team like Geek Fam, everyone needs to be more disciplined and practise hard every day.

NyX: Being part of Geek Fam is actually better than I imagined, as everyone is welcoming and supportive of each other to improve as a team. With Geek Fam winning the recent Wild Rift Preseason Icon Series, the first major Wild Rift tournament in Malaysia, I can say that we as a unit are working hard towards the right direction in our career.

The combined wealth of experience and hunger of new blood has set Geek Fam's Wild Rift squad off to a great start. We look forward to seeing them compete in upcoming tournaments. Stay tuned to eGG Network for more news and updates on Wild Rift esports!


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