Geek Fam Wild Rift Squad Officially Revealed

Geek Fam Wild Rift Squad Officially Revealed

After months of looking for and trying out players, Geek Fam has finally settled on a roster for their Wild Rift squad. The organization announced this evening on their Facebook page their official line up:

Geek Fam Wild Rift

  • TheShang – Top
  • Rumpel – Jungle
  • OzoraVeki – Mid
  • Momo – ADC
  • NyX – Support

So who are these players? OzoraVeki and Rumpel need no introduction, but NyX might be a familiar face if you’ve been a fan of the LoL scene in Malaysia. He used to be known as 13Ghost or Xiii, the top laner for Kuala Lumpur Hunters!

Momo and TheShang are new faces in the esports scene, with no prior competitive history, however, the former was supposedly the first Malaysian to reach Challenger rank (on 7th Feb).

The squad has been playing together and has already seen some success, winning one of the ESL Open Series 2021 Malaysia, and finishing top 4 in the other 2. They are currently in preparation for their first major tournament – the Wild Rift SEA Icon Series: Preseason.

Looks like an exciting start to the year for Geek Fam in Wild Rift, we’re looking forward to catching them in action. Make sure you stay tuned to eGG Network for all the latest news and updates on Wild Rift!

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