Geek Fam win the Wild Rift SEA Icon Series 2021: Preseason – Malaysia

Posted by George Wong on March 8, 2021

It was an exciting time for Malaysian Wild Rift fans last weekend as we got to witness the first major tournament in the country - the SEA Icon Series 2021: Preseason. After two long days of exciting matches, we have a team to crown as the local favourites, and they are none other than Geek Fam!

Meeting their toughest opponent of the tournament in their first match, the Fam narrowly beat Berjaya Dragons in a 2-1 series (with an exciting backdoor push to finish the first game) and went on to stomp everyone else 2-0 until the grand finals where the two teams were reunited. The grand finals was another close match, going all the way to five games, but Geek Fam emerged victoriously.

Well played to Berjaya Dragons who took the long road to the grand finals after dropping to the lower bracket. They were the only team who managed to take some games off Geek Fam, so hats off to them for keeping it all together to exact revenge.

Rumpel was the MVP

Here are the top four teams who finished in the money (USD):

  1. Geek Fam ($2,000)
  2. Berjaya Dragons ($1,250)
  3. M8HEXA.Gluck ($750)
  4. WULF Esports ($500)

Based on the stats, we can see a huge difference in the meta when compared against the Vietnamese Preseason - in Malaysia, the top picks were Gragas, Orianna, Wukong, Yasuo and Braum compared to Kai'Sa, Corki, Akali, Lulu and Olaf in Vietnam. Teams in Malaysia seem to prioritize their melee brawlers and beefy boys, while in Vietnam they like to keep their distance.

The Preseason continues this weekend with Taiwan and Thailand happening at the same time. Don't forget to tune in to catch all the exciting Wild Rift action, you don't want to miss it! Stay tuned to eGG Network for more coverage.


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