Geek Fam with 2 WWCDs on Day 2! PMPL-MY/SG S4 Week 1 Results

Posted by George Wong on August 25, 2021

What an exciting start to the new season of the PUBG Mobile Professional League Malaysia/Singapore. Here's a quick summary of what went down on Tuesday and Wednesday:

  • SEM9.Gank were on top of the leaderboards until the final match of Day 2 when 4RIVALS jumped 5 spots to snatch the lead!
  • EVOS.VIP are coming up hot despite having no Winner Winner Chicken Dinners (WWCD) yet
  • Farang Lejund, HomeBois, Team Bosskurr, 4RIVALS, Wulf Arov, Axis redONE, VXM FANX and Team Whales all scored a WWCD each
  • Geek Fam secured two WWCDs on Day 2
  • RSG MY and Team Secret aren't on their best form but managed to sneak into the first Super Weekend
  • Poor showing from Yoodo Alliance and Anti Circle despite the initial hype of the rosters; along with NSP Astra and YSX Esport, they won't be at the Super Weekend

Super Weekend #1 teams:

  • Axis redONE
  • Geek Fam
  • HomeBois
  • RSG MY
  • Team Secret
  • Team SMG
  • Team Whales
  • Wulf Arov
  • SEM9.Gank
  • Team Bosskurr
  • Farang Lejund

It's only the first of three weeks, so the non-Super Weekend teams still have time to step up if they plan on competing at the country finals. In the meantime, we'll get to enjoy the top 16 from week 1 at the first Super Weekend, starting Friday, 27 August. Make sure you don't miss out and catch PMPL-MY/SG S4 live on the official Facebook Page, PUBG Mobile Esports, YouTube, WeTV and Esports Fight Club.


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