Getting good at PUBG Mobile: How Ignition Mission remixes Erangel

Posted by Bryan Terng on July 20, 2021

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Well, guys, this is my last Getting Good post for PUBG Mobile at eGG Network, though my colleagues will eventually pick up where I left off today. And lo and behold, PUBG Mobile released its biggest update yet with 1.5 (Project Ignition) last week - perfect timing to write my final learnings from it. Time will tell which features of PUBG Mobile 1.5 will remain later, but for now, they do spice up the meta - well, as spicy as black pepper is - that keeps Tencent Games' mobile battle royale fresh. Finally, something to top off my venture into PMNC 2021 Solo.

Here's my personal experience of PUBG Mobile 1.5 with Blog Entry #8:

High tech makeover

Transit Center (Pochinki)

Mission Ignition's Erangel (which can be accessed from Evoground) boasts a plethora of new features. The most obvious one is the futuristic infrastructures erected in several key areas across the classic map, as well as the LRT, I mean, HyperLines (the map's first-ever public transportation) and Air Conveyors, allowing players to make long yet quick rotations.

Transit Center (Pochinki)

First things first, the super clean and high tech structures in Transit Center (formerly Pochinki), Georgopol, Tech Center (formerly School), Security Center (formerly Military Base), Logistics Agency (formerly Yasnaya Polyana) and Energy Center (formerly Mylta Power) consist of expansive corridors and delicious good loot.

Tech Center (School)

New areas are almost always hot spots, but they're even hotter this time with the top-tier gear they hold. Plus, unlike the narrow space in most buildings in Erangel, these futuristic ones hold vast hallways with little cover, making them riskier to fight in for both you and your enemies - truly high-risk high-reward places to drop into.

Tech Center (School)

From Point A to Point Z

Nothing ruins one's fun than having to trek halfway across the map just to be in the safe zone, which is where the HyperLines and Air Conveyors come in. The former literally act like trains, with designated stops across the map with its own schedule. The first time my buddies and I got on one, we were enthralled by how cool it was. You can also shoot out the side windows of the HyperLines to pick off any helpless passersby you come across, though I didn't have the chance to do that. (sad reacts)

The Air Conveyors are similar to what we experienced in Season 18's Hundred Rhythms mode, which catapult you as high as 600 metres before dropping. It's half the height of jumping from the plane, but you can still travel a much farther distance quickly if you don't have any vehicle.

Speaking of transport, the Mission Ignition mode also includes Tesla cars in PUBG Mobile. There's supposedly a Tesla Gigafactory on Erangel that allow you to build a Tesla car, though I didn't manage to find it in my hours of playtime. Nevertheless, my gaming buds did get to drive the Tesla Model Y after I (tragically) died and it was extremely quiet. I'm not sure if driving it near enemies will alert them via sound and in-minimap indicator, but if it doesn't, all the more reason to assemble one and surprise your enemies.

Life is good

I got to try out the all-new 5.56mm assault rifle, the ASM Abakan. And let me tell you, this gun is such a banger. Its gunshots are the loudest I've heard in PUBG Mobile, especially when you fire it rapidly so the volume builds up. Alas, I tried the ASM Abakan before knowing it had three firing modes (single, burst, auto), and this feature has definitely made this my current favourite assault rifle, giving you the option to either spray or shoot more accurately as you please. The spawn rate for the ASM Abakan is pretty high, so you'll surely pick those up much easier than the previous new gun, the Mosin-Nagant sniper rifle.

"Is it me or do gun shots in PUBG Mobile sound different now?" Me before knowing I picked up the ASM Abakan.

Finally, I applaud the new quality-of-life improvements that PUBG Mobile now possess. The new Jump Markers (which you mark on your map) will now appear as columns of light, making it much easier to know your destination. On top of that, you can enable Auto-Jump based on the Markers you or your teammates' place, so if you've been worried about your jumping skills, you can now play PUBG Mobile without worrying about it. Make sure not to put your own Marker if you're following your friend, because you may accidentally fly towards your own Marker instead.

And that's all there is to it! It's been fun detailing my PUBG Mobile journey for the past few months, and I hope you find my reads informative and/or entertaining. I know I've learnt to be a better PUBG Mobile player, and have been thoroughly entertained playing with old friends as well as competing in an esports tournament. GGWP, everyone!

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