Getting good at PUBG Mobile: How playing with Godzilla & Kong feels like in Titan Strikes

Posted by Bryan Terng on May 15, 2021

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Yes, I did say I was going to hang my Mini 14 in my last blog to instead cover Free Fire. But, I was truly in awe watching the majestic Titans - or kaiju, as I prefer calling them - in cinema (thankfully before MCO 3.0 happened), so I just had to try out PUBG Mobile's latest collaboration event with Godzilla vs. Kong, featuring the titular monsters themselves.

However, does the current special Titan Strikes mode live up to its awesome kaijus? Let's find out in Blog Entry #6:

Yes, you'll be instantly killed if stepped on by the Titans.

Striking some chords

To be honest, the PUBG Mobile Titans Strike mode doesn't add much variety to its gameplay like its previous Hundred Rhythms mode, though it's better than just lazily rehashing the same formula. Aside from a new type of utilities (Titan Crystals) and Apex camps that house decent enough loot, there's not much to shout about in terms of amping up the gameplay, which isn't necessarily a bad thing for PUBG Mobile purists.

After many hours of playing, I finally managed to try out Godzilla's Titan Crystals in Erangel, which are pretty much sci-fi frag grenades so they're equally devastating. I managed to instantly knock out (or kill, since it was solo mode) an enemy with a single Crystal, which was my proudest moment yet; apart from the cool blue explosion, there isn't anything else to it.

I timed my throw just the way I learned it.

I didn't get the chance to obtain Kong's Crystals in Sanhok, but my friends did tell me it was pretty fun using them, because they could run much faster and leap at great heights - it was chaotic fun battling other players when everyone is roided out.

Begone, monsters

On the other hand, I hate the small monsters settlements. The crabs are bullet sponges that are excruciatingly difficult to kill off, even in easy monster settlements and they prove to be a huge hindrance when they crash the party (a.k.a. an ensuing gunfight between you and human opponents).

Granted that shotguns would be more effective against them, but let's be honest, how often do we carry a shotgun sans early game? Then again, that's the point of it? Even if you do defeat them they don't carry anything noteworthy and you end up wasting too much ammo. So, it's probably best to just avoid them altogether and loot the old-fashioned way.

Look at how much one Godzilla Crystal damages one monster. Abysmal!

Hearing how fun Kong's Titan Crystals are, I'm eager to try them out eventually, as long as I don't die before that. And with the arrival of Mechagodzilla in Livik on Thursday (20 May), his(?) Titan Crystals sound similar to the Hundred Rhythms' Recon Armband, so I'm looking forward to that too.

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