Getting good at PUBG Mobile: Karakin, a mini Miramar? Not exactly

Posted by Bryan Terng on April 9, 2021

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Yours truly has been tirelessly covering PMPL MY/SG Season 3 on our Facebook and Instagram pages, as well as trying his hand at covering the meta aspects of the esports tournament - an abundance of chicken dinners to savour, with little space left in my stomach to enjoy the side dishes a.k.a. playing PUBG Mobile.

However, when I got wind that the new map of Karakin was released yesterday on PUBG Mobile, I knew I had to make some time to at least try a few rounds with the supposed mini Miramar.

Blog Entry #4, here we go:

Karakin is sized at 2km x 2km, the same as Livik.

Upon first glance

If one were to drop into Karakin blindfolded, they would undoubtedly mistake it to be Miramar due to its desertic environment, weathered structures and plenty of vast open areas that provide little cover.

I don't see any difference ... well, at certain angles.

But, if you look at how the areas are spread out, you'll notice that named areas with hotter loot are only placed along the seaside, with a literal desert taking up the centre of Karakin. Any player would drop in these towns for better loot (unless they want to win badly and play defensively), so the chances of you encountering other players in the opening minutes are considerably higher, taking into account that there are only six hot loot areas in Karakin.

Also, unlike Miramar, below Karakin is a vast concealed labyrinth that's supposed to contain more good loot, though I didn't get the chance to explore its depths. I did find one of the ruins' entrances, but my friends were far away and I didn't want to be a bad teammate, so I left my journey for another time.

Another distinctive feature of Karakin is the introduction of penetrative/destructible walls, which can be found on certain building walls. They can be destroyed by the Karakin-exclusive Sticky Bombs and Panzerfaust rocket launcher, but for bullets, they can only be shot through without being wrecked.

Things that go boom

Cellphones from yesteryear activates the Sticky Bomb.

I picked up so many Sticky Bombs in all my Karakin playthroughs because I was excited to try out the never-before-seen throwables. You deploy them like any other grenades, but unlike frag grenades, their six-second fuse only starts the moment they're stuck to the surface.

Sticky Bombs even emit the quirky sounds of a cell phone ringtone before they go off. However, their ringtone is a dead giveaway to anyone at the receiving end, especially its less-than-two-seconds sound may give them enough time to escape - thus, I'm a bit apprehensive about their combat use. I'll still give it the benefit of the doubt and experiment with them more.

And finally, I got my hands on the Panzerfaust rocket launcher! Well, only once, I suppose they are rare, aside from spawning in airdrops. I had one shot to test it out, and the first thing I did was gave my friend a scare: by launching my rocket at him.

Does it damage your teammate? Yes, it does, but not as much as the explosion looked and sounded. I'm not sure if enemies would receive this much damage as well, but alas, I only had one shot (literally) with the Panzerfaust.

Once PMPL MY/SG League Season is over, I promise that I'll be playing more Karakin games to uncover the secrets it holds. I'd want to test out how dangerous the purple zone (Demolition Zone) is, explore the hidden ruins that are beneath Karakin, and finally, find out how much damage the rocket launcher actually inflicts.

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