Getting good at PUBG Mobile: Loving the Mini 14 and Micro Uzi combo

Posted by Bryan Terng on February 26, 2021

This article is part of a weekly blog series by our eGG-steemed writers, to share our progress playing your favourite games not only for fun, but also to level up our mastery and understand your love for the game.

In my first ever blog post, I must admit - I'm not a frequent PUBG Mobile gamer, though I was one of eGG Network's PUBG Mobile players in The Corporate League Season 2 (thanks, Leon, Mae and Jack for carrying me).

Weird flex but okay.

But, as part of my New Year's resolution (more like Chinese New Year resolution), I'm determined to play the beloved mobile battle royale more often. Not only to level up my mastery of the game but to also better understand why fans adore PUBG Mobile so much.

After two nights of PUBG Mobile (got to clear my gaming backlog too), here are some of the thoughts and discoveries I've gathered for Blog Entry #1:

I feel like a naked tortoise if I can't get behind any steering wheel to traverse the sandy wasteland of Miramar. Not only is it a slog to rotate between locations, but taking into account that Miramar is 80% (bad math) wide open spaces, having a car would've been like a portable shield if I encounter any opposition.

The long trek begins.

Though my team finally secured a minivan (the hippie kind) in one match, unexpected decisions by my random friends to charge or avoid a chanced-upon enemy squad (I was so confused!) led to us being swiftly taken out. This was paired with the fact that we're outside the ring with a closing Blue Zone and my fumbling gameplay.

Speaking of confusing, instead of showing up solely on the above compass, I feel it would make more sense if the marker you place on the map displays the same way as your in-game pings (e.g. Enemies Ahead, I Found Supplies). It’s a small pet peeve, but it would help me track the marker’s location without diverting my attention to the compass, especially if enemies suddenly show up in front of me. Despite that, kudos to Tencent for the wealth of ping options that PUBG Mobile already has!

Ahhh, so easy to keep track.

And finally, I found my favourite gun combo - the Mini 14 and Micro Uzi. I admit that it’s impossible not to adore the reliable M4, but I felt that my pairing proved to be a good mix for both long- and short-range combat. The Uzi truly shreds anyone in its path, and with a Stock and - even better - Compensator, I can hip-fire with little issue.

As for the Mini 14, give me a Canted Sight with 6x Scope and Compensator any match and I’d win/lose a happy man ... as long as I get my kills. But, I’ve yet to master PUBG Mobile’s wide slew of firearms, so favourites are bound to change.

Playing with real-life friends increases your chances of a Chicken Dinner tenfold.

With PUBG: New State incoming, I wonder how much I learn from PUBG Mobile can be carried over to the newest PUBG mobile gameplay.

However, my PUBG Mobile journey have barely just begun. I'll be trying out the Mini 14 + Micro Uzi combo more often to see if it's really the one. It would've been easier if the Mini 14 weren't so hard to find ... Plus, I just realised I didn't get to explore Erangel and Vikendi in my last few matches, so we'll see how that goes when I pick up my smartphone again.

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