Getting good at PUBG Mobile: Metro Royale, a next level training ground

Posted by Bryan Terng on March 26, 2021

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It's been a crazy week covering the PUBG Mobile Professional League Malaysia/Singapore (in case you didn't know, I'm covering daily results on Facebook and Instagram), so making time to play Tencent's mobile battle royale has been tricky. Nevertheless, I managed to make time to play with my buddies, and even allocated some of it for my alone time playing the game, dabbling especially in the PUBG Mobile x Metro Exodus mode, Metro Royale.

Commencing Blog Entry #3:

Trying out different rhythms

Continuing my playthroughs with the Hundred Rhythms mode, I mentioned in my previous blog post that the Recon Armband is God-like, a skill that even my cohorts took to liking and constantly uses it. After all, it does make finding enemies much easier, and damage on marked enemies are higher. With everyone using the Recon Armband, I decided to experiment and try out the Camouflage Armband, which temporarily equips you with a Ghillie Suit that covers your weapons and backpack, as well as an indicator if there are enemies nearby.

To be frank, I still prefer the Recon Armband, because the Camouflage enemy detector works vaguely so I don't know where they are, though that would mean it's arguably more balanced. On the other hand, I admit the 40-second Ghillie Suit served me well on some occasions, as I sniped down enemies without them knowing where I was and even got to save my downed carry friend - those were pretty cool moments for me.

I'll try out the Guardian Armband next time I play Hundred Rhythms. Currently, I don't have a sparkling impression of the defensive skill, because the Music Barrier is a dead giveaway of one's location. We'll see if the reduced damage taken is worth the risk.

Another level of training

I had a what-the-heck-why-not epiphany when I decided to try out the Metro Royale mode, despite not hearing much about it from within my social circle. After all, I played the Redux versions of Metro 2033 and Metro: Last Light and enjoyed them immensely, aside from the cringey Russian accents.

From what I've played so far (almost two hours in total), Metro Royale is actually a pretty good mode if you want a more active training ground, as opposed to the default one we have with a shooting gallery. Most of your opponents would be enemy AIs, but unlike the bots you encounter in Classic Mode, they're considerably more dangerous and are capable of shooting you down, as well as position themselves relatively better. Diving into Metro Royale solo is arguably better than Classic Mode solo because you'd have more encounters to hone your gunplay, in contrast to the slower-paced but more authentic solo Classic Mode. Plus, unlike Team Deathmatch (which narrows down to close-quarters combat), you get to be more strategic in the limited-time mode.

I prefer playing Metro Royale alone because it gave me the flexibility to train my shooting, scoping and peeking skills, along with reflexes. Not to mention that the only time I tried playing with randoms, everyone went their separate ways (what's new?) and enemy players hunted us down like wolves. My last gripe with Metro Royale is the five seconds it takes to open every single loot box, which makes it unnecessarily draggy.

My last thoughts

Time will tell how long I'll be returning to Metro Royale, but for now, it's a great place to either warm up or train myself without any judgment (not that my friends did. Thanks, guys!). And the Hundred Rhythms mode is just too good to want to play other maps for now, so I'll take the time to experiment with the Guardian Armband first to discover its pros and cons - at least my teammates will have another form of support other than scanning, which they're already doing anyway.

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