Getting Good At Wild Rift 3: Learning Through Assimilation

Posted by George Wong on April 4, 2021

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The past two weeks have been hectic for me - with all the tournaments going on, I didn't have much time to dedicate to Wild Rift, so I took it upon myself to gain some game knowledge by watching Wild Rift content on YouTube instead. Fun fact - now that the game is available in the Americas, there are now tons of helpful guides and content available on the internet! From roles to laning, to spells and runes, I tried to absorb as much knowledge as I could. Thanks to Wild Rift Pro Guides and LuRu Gaming for the help - I gained a lot of knowledge watching their videos. Here are some of the interesting things I learnt:

Junglers are Gankers

This was unknown to me - as a Dota player, 'junglers' are usually people trolling the game - when they don't get to play core on a lane, they'll pick a core to farm neutral camps instead, leaving your team with one support less, and less farm for the carry who needs it. While it can work out in Dota (anything is possible), it usually doesn't because pubs don't work well together. Watching a video about WIld Rift roles, I learned more about this interesting role in the game. You're supposed to farm a bit at the start, and then roam around the map securing kills for your team.

Instead of getting gold and experience from the lane, you get it from the jungle and enemy kills. Kind of like a position 4 in Dota (soft support) except that you are given more farm during downtime. However, since the junglers in my Wild Rift matches haven't been making moves, I figured it was just another farming role. I enjoy making moves around the map and annoying enemies, so I'll probably give this role a shot in the future.

Itemization is Important

I watched some item guides that helped to explain what items I should be picking up based on my roles - I thought that was very helpful, especially since there are so many items in the game. Now I've got to set some time aside to go through my loadouts and adjust them accordingly. Fun fact - did you know that some items in Wild Rift aren't in PC League of Legends? No idea why but if I had to guess it would be for balancing/usability. I still can't recognize most items by their icons yet - fortunately, most of them are accurate depictions of what they do (swords give you damage, armour gives you defence etc).

Babysitting Your Carry

As a support in Wild Rift, you're supposed to take care of your partner in the Dragon lane - make sure they stay safe and follow them around to claim objectives on the map. This can be accomplished in two ways - with a spellcasting hero that buffs or heals your partner, or with a tanky support that soaks up damage for them. In Dota 2, supports can babysit or move around, depending on what's necessary for the team (also, it's a lot easier to rotate with teleport scrolls), while in MLBB there doesn't seem to be a hard and fast rule either (dual-mid is a thing). While this expectation means I don't have to worry so much about other lanes in the early game, it does make me wonder when it will be beneficial to break these rules - probably in more organized teams.

Keystones, Runes, What?

This game goes much deeper than I thought, I only recently learned about customizing these aspects of our champions. In addition to knowing about the items, I have to know what these additional bonuses do in the game. This also means paying more attention to the scoreboard in the game (something I hardly open up). At the moment I don't think I have to understand what every single rune does (also I don't have the capacity to memorize everything) but it's good to know if someone is decked out to be more offensive or defensive. Looking at the numbers on the rune effects, they seem minuscule to me, but it's probably a nuance that I'm too inexperienced to notice right now. I'll just have to play the game more to find out. Trust me when I say that there are a lot of runes!

After watching hours of content, I think at this point in time, the only way for me to get better is to simply play more - which is what I'll be doing in the coming weeks. Lack of knowledge should come with experience, and that's something I'll eventually conquer! If you have any tips for me, feel free to drop suggestions in the comments below.

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