Getting Good At Wild Rift 4: Heart of the Freljord 101

Posted by George Wong on April 17, 2021

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The past week has been an interesting week for me in Wild Rift. I'm starting to get opponents who are tougher, and haven't been crushing my games as usual. I guess I'm going against more competent people these days. I tried calibrating my rank and have lost 2//10 so far. As a support hero that can't really take objectives solo, it feels difficult to close out games when playing with random people. Communicating with the team is pretty tough when they're not on the same page as you. I tend to get ignored, sadly.

However, I did have the opportunity to play a game under the guidance of some Berjaya Dragon players, Chilly and Sagi, who were kind enough to spend some time helping me out. They watched me play the game as a support in unranked and gave me a lot of good advice - from items to get, what I should do or where I should go on a map, and how to use my spells effectively.

Things I learnt

  • Attack enemies as much as possible with Braum! Usually, as a melee support, it's not something I think about doing since I don't want to be in the thick of things until a team fight occurs, but Braum's passive builds up stacks to give you free stuns on enemies as well as boost your own damage against them. Enemies also underestimate regular attacks, so they might not see the stun coming.
  • Braum's Stand Behind Me (skill 2) is extremely versatile (and I have to remind myself to use it more). It has good range, can be used on minions and can also be an offensive spell to gap close if you have an ally or minion near an enemy. Try to use it to escape instead of Flash (if you have that spell equipped) since the cooldown is much shorter. This spell also allows Braum to bait effectively - unsuspecting enemies who feel safe farming your minions when you're out of range might not expect you to leap to the minion next to them as an initiation.
  • Unbreakable (skill 3) doesn't work against shots from the turrets.

General Tips

  • Supports shouldn't be farming minions or pushing towers on their own. In my bracket, it's not a big deal but at higher-ranked games, it will be punished heavily.
  • Supports should always play around their cores. See who's the most farmed on your team, and follow them around to protect them or take objectives. If nothing is happening on the map, look around the map to see what to do next - take towers, a dragon, or Baron - there's always something to do next.
  • As a support, build items to buff your team or counter your opponent. Don't be selfish - you're not going to scale as well as the carry, so don't try to play as if you will.
  • I need to remind myself to do more things in the game - using the active skills of my boots and items, not wasting my skills, keeping an eye on the scoreboard, timers for Baron and the Dragon.
  • Heal is a good spell to use to save yourself and your allies during team fights, so is Redemption (from Redeeming Enchant).
  • Recall to base when you're low on life and mana and have nothing else to do in the lane - don't sit around doing nothing when you can be healing and shopping for useful items instead! Speaking of shopping, the BJD boys were extremely helpful in teaching me how to itemize for the game. For the first time in my life, I was using a build that wasn't based on the in-game guides. There's no point hoarding gold - any gold that is sitting in your bank unspent is essentially worthless as you aren't making any upgrades to your champion.
  • When you have a Baron wave, all you have to do is protect your minions and let them do all the work. They become extremely strong at pushing down turrets.

After Sagi and Chilly successfully led me to victory, I tried to play another game - but this time I was in a game that was filled with bots - all my allies and enemies were bots. The surrender option didn't work since bots don't surrender - so I decided to take things into my own hands. Realizing that the bots were all playing in the middle lane, I decided to push another lane to victory instead. As expected, the bots did nothing to stop me, and I managed to end my suffering in a shorter than expected time.

We tried queueing together as a party, but we couldn't get a game in normal mode. Our ranks were probably too far apart (I'm still uncalibrated) so we played the ARAM mode instead. Similar to Mobile Legends: Bang Bang's Brawl Mode - it's a single lane variant of the game where you can't go back to heal or to shop - you have to die in order to do that. This means every time you kill an opponent they come back stronger, whereas if you die, you get to come back stronger as well.

ARAM is a useful mode for players to get a feel of a champion before going into a real game. As expected, we won, with top-notch performances from my professional teammates for the day. Also, I got to try Nami for the first time, who was a pretty interesting support champion with multiple skills that buff you or your allies.

A big shoutout to Berjaya Dragons, Eduardo, Chilly and Sagi for making this happen. It was tons of fun and I hope to do it again next time - hopefully, my rank will be high enough to make match-finding possible then!

Check out the full replay of the "coaching session" here:

Getting schooled by Chilly and Sagi

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