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Posted by Firdaus Roslan on April 2, 2019

The Mobile Legends: Bang Bang King of Fighter!

Hey eGGlets, do you always lose in your Mobile Legends match? Are you keen on playing like a pro? Well worry not, we are starting a series of articles where MPL-MY/SG Season 3 pro players share their insights on how to play certain heroes very well. Let's get ready to level up!


Mohamad Amir Afdhal "Syno" Ruzlan is only 22 years old, but is one the most famous top global Chou players in the MLBB community. He strikes fear into the hearts of opponents whenever he manages to get his hands on Chou - whether in competitive or in ranked games. He is now in Malaysian-based team ICON and is currently competing in MPL-MY/SG Season 3. Let's take a deep dive into how he plays Chou.


Chou's role in MLBB is a fighter who has great Charge and Burst capabilities. This hero is not the easiest hero for new players to master but once you get the hang of it, you can easily slay your enemies with his combo. Chou has low cooldown skills so your fingers also need to be fast and you will need to time his skills perfectly.

Real life Chou.

In-game Chou.

Chou's Skills

Jeet Kuno Do

1. Jeet Kune Do

Chou moves and punches 3 times, with the final hit a slam into the ground that knocks the enemy heroes into the air. This skill gives Chou mobility, great crowd control (CC), as well as refreshing his second ability (Shunpo). It is an essential part of his kit which makes him such a versatile hero.



2. Shunpo

This skill is a short dash for Chou so that he can move in and out of teamfights easily. Besides that, Shunpo gives Chou immunity from being CC for a short second and extra armour. Both perks are extremely important for ganking especially in the early game.

The Way of Dragon

3. The Way of Dragon

This is one of the best CC ultimates in MLBB and is one of the reasons many pro players favour Chou. This ultimate can catch enemy mages/marksmen in the back lines quite easily because his other skills give him the mobility he needs to get there. A common combo is Jeet Kune Do twice (fit in Shunpo before your third punch) > Flicker in > land the Jeet Kune Do 3rd punch to knock up the enemy > readjust your position > use The Way of Dragon to kick your target towards your team!


Passive: Only Fast

4. Only Fast

Chou passive is quite powerful when you complement it with damage items. For every 8 yards he moves, his next basic attack will deal 200% of his normal damage and slows down your target. This means that the hero is meant to be played by constantly moving around, and his other abilities certainly help that.

Syno's Chou item builds - 2 variations

Assassin Build

According to Syno, Chou can be played in a variety of ways. He personally prefers to play Chou as an assassin, but why? Firstly, Chou has a good set of skills and has naturally high damage. Thus, when he is equipped with damage dealing items, like Blade of Despair and Endless Battle, he easily becomes a damage dealing assassin with amazing crowd control (CC).

Another must-have item is Rapid Boots. This pair of boots is the item that gives the highest movement speed for your hero and is suitable for an assassin-style Chou who wants to have high mobility. During the late game, Syno recommends these three items: Athena Shield, Berserker's Fury and Wings of the Apocalypse Queen.

Athena Shield boosts Chou's defence stats and gives him some protection so you can get into a teamfight quickly, get a pick-off, survive, then get out. Berserker's Fury is one of the best critical damage item in the game, and it synergises well with Chou's passive. To get the best out of this item, make sure you are constantly moving around as you punch (or kick) the enemy! Getting Wings of the Apocalypse Queen is primarily for the 10% cooldown (CD) reduction as well as the HP increase. To be effective, Chou needs to constantly be using his skills to create havoc in teamfights. CD reduction helps, and the unique passive - Demonize can catch opponents off guard with your sudden increase in lifesteal.

Tank Build

Other than dishing out damage, Chou can also be on the front lines tanking damage for your team. 3 of the items Syno suggested are the same for his Assassin build: Rapid Boots, Athena Shield, Wings of the Apocalypse Queen. He regards them as core items that are suitable for any kind of situation.

Next, Brute Force Breastplate is the core item to buff up Chou's defensive stats because unlike other tank heroes Chou is considered special with his own skills that can lock down or CC the enemy team easily. Courage Bulwark is another all-round useful item that gives your team important boosts when engaging in teamfights.

When entering the late game Syno suggests buying Immortality which gives you an extra life. The item has great defensive stats and the extra seconds bought from resurrecting is great for Chou to create more cc in late game scenarios.

Syno's Assassin Emblem

The tier 1 emblem talent he chooses is Agility to maximise Chou's movement speed. Next, he goes for the Invasion talent for extra physical penetration. Lastly, Syno said, "the most important talent for an assassin is the tier 3 Bounty Hunter talent."

Why Bounty Hunter? Well, Syno explained, "you can gain extra 100 gold from killing enemies (up to 1300 gold). Gold is important in Mobile Legends because if you get your key items faster, you are more powerful and you can end the game faster."

The most important talent for an assassin is the tier 3 Bounty Hunter talent.

Syno, ICON Malaysia

Syno's Tank Emblem

When playing as a tank, Syno's tier 1 emblem talent choice is maxing out Vitality to increase his HP. His tier 2 talent of choice is Inspire, which reduces Chou's cooldown up to 8%, allowing him to use his abilities more frequently.

Syno said that "cooldown reduction is important if you are playing more as a tank/crowd controller for your team. Since you don't have that much damage, you'll need your skills to set up teamfights or poke your enemies. Any kind of CD reduction is good for the hero." Lastly, Syno's tier 3 talent is Brave Smite because each time Chou crowd controls an enemy, he regains HP. This emblem works well with Inspire which reduces this effect's 10-second cooldown.

Battle Spells



According to Syno, Flicker and Petrify are most suitable for Chou. Which spell you actually use depends on your purpose in the game. Do you need better positioning? Flicker gives you that. Or perhaps you need additional CC, Petrify gives Chou an additional way to disrupt your opponents during a teamfight!

How to play Chou

Early game

In the first 5 minutes, Chou can effectively harass lanes with Jeet Kune Do. You should also focus on fast lane rotations to help other teammates who are having difficulty with their lanes. Syno said "You should duo lane with anyone and help with getting buffs."

You should also aim to reach level 4 fast to be effective in teamfights. Rotating and getting kills help if you are not the primary lane farmer.

Mid Game

The 5 - 10 minute period is where we enter the mid game. It is usually when teams decide to focus on teamfights and or group together to push turrets. If you are playing as an Assassin, Syno said "try to complete both Blade of Despair and Endless Battle before you go for a teamfight."

The best position for Chou before teamfights is hiding in a bush or sneaking behind the enemy lines to prepare to knock them up using Jeet Kune Do. Syno said, "Only go for their Mage or Marksman." This is the peak time for Chou to single out key enemy heroes and dish out high amounts of damage. Your main concern is how you position your hero before and during teamfights.

Late Game

If the game goes late (after the 10 minute mark), your opponent's Marksman (assuming they have one) would have gotten their items. A Chou player should be careful at this point because Syno's Assassin build leaves him defensively weak. Syno suggested to either hide in the bushes or Flicker straight to the back lines and target the squishy heroes (Mage/Marksman) with your ultimate to burst him/her down.

If things aren't going as planned, Chou can split push lanes to pressure the enemy to send one or two players back to protect turrets. That would give your team an opportunity to engage in a teamfight with more numbers.

Good Match-ups




Syno said that Chou is great against Marksmen and Mages because of their low HP and Chou's high mobility makes it easy for him to catch them out. Definitely consider picking Chou if you need to sneakily get into the enemy back lines to hunt their squishier heroes!

Is Chou Weak Against Anyone?

Chou does not counter every hero in the game. So, Syno recommended not to pick Chou if one of these heroes are in your opponent's draft.




Anti-CC heroes essentially make Chou useless in teamfights. Silencing him is another way to counter him. As long as you disrupt Chou's ability to execute his combos, you've pretty much countered him. For example, Diggie's ultimate (Time Journey) give his allies CC immunity and has a large AoE. Helcurt silences Chou and can burst him down very quickly (if you're not building tank items).

One More Advice

Chou is a super strong fighter hero, but you require exquisite control to utilise the hero well. Although Chou isn’t the kind of hero that can 1v5 the entire enemy team (if only there was a hero that could), he is definitely a hero that can help your team win ganks, teamfights, and most importantly, the game!

Moreover, remember to catch the MPL-MY/SG Season 3 Regular Season on the official Mobile Legends: Bang-Bang Facebook page!

What do you think about Syno's Chou item build? How would you play him?


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