Gun Goes BRRRR: Assemble your VALORANT 5-stack to face Soloz, SiuPakChoi, MelRomeo, Afiq "Chii" & Rimau Gaming

Posted by San Joe Kim on March 23, 2021

Ever wanted to show how good you were at VALORANT to not one, but five superstars in the gaming sphere? Well, you're in luck, as fans can stand a chance to assemble their five-stacks to play against Soloz, SiuPakChoi, MelRomeo, Afiq "Chii" and Rimau Gaming! On 26 March, viewers will be treated to 5 rounds of showmatches between these talents and the few lucky fans out there.

Gun Goes BRRR showmatch breakdown:

  • Round 1 - Custom Unrated Match #1
  • Round 2 - Custom Unrated Match #2
  • Round 3 - Escalation Mode Match #1
  • Round 4 - Escalation Mode Match #2
  • Round 5 - Escalation Mode Match #3

The first two rounds will feature a total of two five-stacks that will be randomly selected to participate in a Custom Unrated match each against the star-studded creator lineup. On top of being selected, each player on the selected team will also receive exclusive VALORANT swag to boot. The remaining three rounds will be Escalation mode matches, where viewers will actually have a chance to join in on VALORANT's chaotic fun gun game mode.

For more info on how to participate, interested participants can sign up via this form here. Registrations are open from today onwards so be sure to grab your buds and assemble your agent comps before it's too late! Be sure to also catch these exciting showmatches live on 26 March @7PM (GMT+8) LIVE on eGG Network's Facebook page.


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