Hands-on Valorant Agent Preview: Yoru, A Sneaky Ninja

Posted by George Wong on January 10, 2021

Over the past few days, we got a chance to play around with the latest Valorant agent before the public gets their hands on them and it’s been a blast! Though we’ve only been able to use him on the test servers, for now, we can’t wait to see the kind of havoc he’ll wreck when he is released.

So who the heck is the new agent and what does he bring to the table?

Introducing Yoru, the deception and stealth extraordinaire. If you’ve been waiting for an extremely sneaky and ninja-type character in Valorant, Yoru might the next agent you want to unlock. His kit brings a whole new playstyle to the table and will change the way you play the game.

Let’s take a look at Yoru’s skills.


Yoru sends out footsteps away from his current location which functions as a decoy to enemies who aren’t or are paying attention. While they’re looking for the source of the sound, you can use this opportunity to escape or ambush them from another direction. 


(I purposely flashed myself to record this footage)

Flashing his enemies with this unique ball of light - it explodes after colliding with a hard surface. This requires a bit of luck and precision to pull off and like with other flash skills, use it to escape or to set up kills.


Throw out or drop a rift tether which you can teleport to. Activating the skill again when you have a tether placed will teleport you to its current location. Great for surprise ganks or running away from a single enemy (shoot it in the opposite direction you’re running to, so enemies will have to decide between chasing you or the teleporter).

Dimensional Drift

Yoru enters another dimension, removing himself from the world (essentially becoming invisible and invulnerable) for its duration. Use this to escape if you’re on the run, or to appear behind your enemies to deliver them a swift death - they’ll never see it coming. 


Based on the short time we’ve had with the hero, if you’re a fan of deception and trickery, Yoru will be right up your alley. While he doesn’t bring much to team fights, solo pickoffs and distractions are what he’s great at (he is a duelist after all). He will suit lone wolf players that don’t have to rely on teammates.

He’s definitely going to change up the game once he’s released, and players are going to have to think twice about wandering off alone every time he’s on the opposing team. Yoru should be released in the near future, with the Episode 2 Act 1 update. Stay tuned to eGG Network for more updates on Valorant!


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