How to prevent your PUBG Mobile account from getting hacked

Posted by Bryan Terng on July 29, 2021

Tencent Games has been hard at work swatting their Ban Pan in PUBG Mobile, banning as many as 3.8 million cheaters - players use hacks to gain unfair advantage in-game, such as wall hack, aimbot and speed hack - one week in June. Though these buzzkills are usually labelled as hackers, the type of hacking we're exploring today is one where hackers force their way into PUBG Mobile accounts to steal in-game resources, take ownership of an existing player's account, and even selling them.

It may not mean much to casual players, but for serious PUBG Mobile players, getting our accounts hacked would result in losing our:

  • Rank progression (so many hours spent to reach Ace)
  • UC (Unknown Cash), PUBG Mobile's premium currency which have to be bought
  • Legendary or even Ultimate outfits (opened one too many loot boxes to get these babies ...)
  • Great online friends we've met along the way

Those are just some of the things we'd lose if our accounts are infiltrated. It may not have happened to us or our friend yet, but it's such an ever-present issue that there's still a chance of us being targeted for such a heinous act. You know what they always say: better to be safe than sorry. Fortunately, it's super simple to give extra security to your PUBG Mobile account, and it definitely helps to know what not to do to prevent your PUBG Mobile from getting hacked.

Here's everything you need to know to give your PUBG Mobile account security that extra oomph:

1. Two-factor authentication (2FA) for extra security

What is 2FA?

Simply put, two-factor authentication is a security feature that adds an extra step when logging in. PUBG Mobile itself may not have this in place, but since all of us create our PUBG Mobile accounts with Facebook, Twitter, Gmail and the like, those platforms have 2FA that can be enabled, which in turn gives your PUBG Mobile account that extra security layer.

How does 2FA help?

When logging into Facebook or any other platforms linked to your PUBG Mobile account, after entering your username/e-mail address and password, 2FA requires you to enter a code that you receive via SMS, e-mail or third-party authenticator apps on your phone. Unlike your password, this code changes every time you log in, and only you would be able to get the latest code through your preferred method.

Some of the most common authenticator apps include Google Authenticator and Microsoft Authenticator.

How do I activate 2FA?


1. In the Facebook homepage, click the three-lines button.

2. Scroll down until you see Settings & Privacy, followed by Settings.

3. Then, press Security and login.

4. Click on Two-factor authentication and follow the subsequent instructions.


1. In the Twitter homepage, click on the three-lines button.

2. Press Settings and privacy.

3. Then, select Account.

4. Followed by Security.

5. Until finally, you reach Two-factor authentication. Just follow the instructions that ensue.


1. In the Gmail homepage, click on the three-lines button. (man, it's always three lines)

2. Then, go to Settings.

3. Select Manage your Google Account.

4. Here, scroll to the right until ...

5. ... you see Security. After pressing that, you'll see 2-Step Verification.

Super easy, right?

2. Other ways to fortify your PUBG Mobile account security

a) Link to multiple platforms

It may not seem like much, but binding your PUBG Mobile account to various social media platforms does tighten security. Hackers usually gain access to your PUBG Mobile account by forcing their way into one of your social media accounts, granting them access to your game account.

However, if you link multiple social media accounts to PUBG Mobile beforehand, you can still log in to the game with the other linked account(s) and unlink your compromised account before more harm is done. Then, change the password for your hacked account before linking back, returning things to normal.

Wondering how you can link your PUBG Mobile account to multiple platforms? It's super simple:

1. In the PUBG Mobile lobby, press the arrow in the bottom right corner. (Finally not another three-lines button!)

2. Then, select Settings.

3. In Basic section, press the + button in the Linked tab.

4. Voila, pick whichever social media platform you'd like to bind your PUBG Mobile account to.

b) Remember entirely different passwords with password manager app

Most of us tend to use one password for all our accounts across the Net, including PUBG Mobile. Nevertheless, this convenience would be our eventual downfall, because once hackers figure out our password, they can use the same one to invite themselves into our other platforms.

Our advice: create different passwords for every single account, including PUBG Mobile. However, we're aware that it's almost impossible to remember all of them, so instead of trying to memorise all of them, you can opt to use a password manager app to store all your account passwords. With the app, you need to only remember one password to log in to your password manager app and find out PUBG Mobile password.

The most accessible password manager app would be the Google Password Manager (since most of us have Gmail), but you can easily find other apps you prefer just by looking them up in your respective app store or Google them.

3. What not to do to avoid getting hacked

a) Don't resort to UC hacks and the like

It's super tempting to know that there are ways to get precious PUBG Mobile UC for free or enable cheats to push rank easily, but trust us when we say that the benefits don't outweigh the cost. These vendors/tools are never officially supported by Tencent Games, so they're not regulated and have little credibility in what they offer.

Sure, they do deliver on their promise at first, but you risk exposing your personal details to these vendors. In turn, they'd break into your account with any information you've given them, take control of it and make it their own, before selling your account online.

So, be sure to buy your UC from official vendors like SEAGM, Codashop, Razer Gold or better yet, farm fresh from the in-game PUBG Mobile store.

b) Don't jailbreak your device

For the uninitiated, the act of "jailbreak" (also known as "cracking" or "rooting") basically gives smartphone owners full access to their device's operating system and features, letting them install applications that aren't approved by Apple or Android. Jailbreaking is also necessary for PUBG Mobile cheaters who need to lift their devices' restrictions to install unauthorised mods/hacks.

Jailbreaking may sound nice on the surface, but according to Kaspersky, what most people tend to overlook is that it removes the security measures placed by phone companies. Thus, it makes your smartphone more susceptible to hacking, as well as viruses, instability, and even shorter battery life. You can technically reinforce the security of your jailbroken device, but you'd need to be a tech guru to know what to do.

In the end, is it worth risking your PUBG Mobile account just to install illegal hacks to rank up faster or get even more UC?

Closing statement

And that's all there is to it - super easy to remember, and super effective. We totally understand that taking these steps to increase your PUBG Mobile account protection can be a bit of a hassle, but hey, we wholeheartedly assure you that the slight tedium is worth every second. We'd like to think that putting in a few seconds more to make sure that hours of our PUBG Mobile labour stay safe is worth the effort.

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