Hunt Down Soloz, Daddy Hood, JanuaryAKG, and Other Influencers to Win Battle Passes in Codashop’s Bounty Hunters Guild!

Posted by George Wong on October 15, 2021

If you've always longed to play against your favourite streamers in games and want to brag about beating them, here's your chance! Codashop has announced its new event with that very aim: Bounty Hunters Guild. Taking place over the next three weeks, this online event will feature creators from Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia, the Philippines and India. To participate, all you have to do is tune in to your selected creator's live stream on the specified date, survive the game, take a screenshot of their rare skin or weapon, and submit it to Codashop. That's it! Once enough 'bounties' have been submitted, the rewards will be unlocked, in this case - battle passes for the different games: Valorant, PUBG Mobile and Mobile Legends: Bang Bang.

In addition to the regular prizes, one lucky applicant from each country will be rewarded with influencer-level fame. For example, in the Philippines - the winner will be getting coached by pro MLBB team, NXP Evos, to be part of their team in a match against Blacklist International!

Sounds like a good time for all parties involved. Here are the dates and influencers involved for Malaysia:

23-24 Oct, Valorant: I'm Momoko, JanuaryAKG, Le Josette

30-31 Oct, PUBG Mobile: Daddy Hood, AgusRianzz, Ironpro

6-7 Nov, MLBB: Ombong Haha, MakDi, Soloz

To find out more, check out the official Codashop website.


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