Intanserah - From Futsal to Frag Grenades

Posted by George Wong on July 25, 2020

Not your typical streamer

When you hear about internet streamers, usually the last thing that comes to mind is an athlete - and we’re not talking about esports athletes here. That’s where Intan Sarah Anisah Zulgafli, better known as Intanserah, comes in.

This soon to be 21-year-old was famous before she even started streaming - almost three years ago, she represented Malaysia at the KL SEA Games 2017 which propelled her to stardom. Since then, Sarah has stepped out of her comfort zone, experimenting with modelling, acting, and most recently - livestreaming.

Like a lot of amateur streamers, she was just someone who enjoyed gaming. Instead of revelling in games on her own, she decided to share her hobby with a live audience. It started with her sharing montages and clips on her Facebook Page, but after receiving encouragement from her friends (who were streamers as well), she decided to take the plunge. But first, she needed a computer that was good enough to stream. Sarah saved some money to purchase a used PC and began her journey. You could say she struck gold almost immediately. 

Within four months Intanserah had enough views and followers to be made official partner - and now, six months in, she’s one of the most popular PUBG Mobile streamers in Malaysia. With Fredo and Soloz being her role models when it comes to streaming, she’s doing a good job following their footsteps.

“I am often recognized in public but more as a futsal player. However, that has been slowly changing as I’m starting to be known as PUBG Mobile streamer!” she reflected on her current status. “I don’t find that my fame is too much for me to handle.” However, we’re surprised she can even find the time to go out. In addition to playing futsal and livestreaming, she is also enrolled in a university as a full-time student - talk about time management.

When questioned about the future, Sarah replied, “I think I would stream for as long as I can because it’s like a dream job for me. In the future, I would like to invest more time and money on esports to bring it to another level especially in Malaysia.”


Despite proving to be a very capable woman herself, Intanserah still faces the scrutiny from the gaming community - however, she’s more than happy to prove her haters wrong. Just because she’s a female, doesn’t mean she’s bad at sports or games. Fortunately for her, she has an army of viewers (she calls “the best”) she can count on - fans who have been there since her old futsal and singing days. Yes, you read that right - the Billie Eilish-inspired singer also has the chops to cut it as a musician.

Intan Sarah mentioned that she doesn’t have enough time to spend on music, so it’ll remain a hobby - for now. But we wouldn’t be surprised if she pops up on the radio someday!

In the meantime, you can find Sarah busy streaming PUBG Mobile - her favourite game because of its mobile nature, “I like PUBG Mobile as it is easy to play just about anywhere. The game is intense and exciting every time I play and I can play with many of my friends since everyone owns at least one mobile phone.” She’s not opposed to playing other games, but going through her history you’ll be hard-pressed to find any non-PUBG Mobile gaming content on her Facebook page!

Capping off the interview, she had this to say to aspiring streamers, “My advice is: never be afraid of trying new things, just be confident in yourself and enjoy it!” and to her fans out there, “I hope you guys enjoy watching my stream and I hope you guys will support me for as long as I can stream. Thank you for all the support especially to those who were there during my early days of streaming.”

Catch Intanserah live on her Facebook Page most days, streaming PUBG Mobile games. Follow eGG Network for more stories about your favourite Facebook Gaming creators, and remember to apply for our Game & Grow program to take your stream to the next level!


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