IOI Esports FIFA21 Challenge kicks off this weekend

IOI Esports FIFA21 Challenge kicks off this weekend

FIFA21 might only be a week old, but it looks like it’s off to a great start if you plan to go competitive in it. Brought to you by IOI Properties Group and Luqman “Fenrir” Haziq, and Gamesbond Malaysia, the IOI Esports FIFA21 Challenge will allow all Malaysians residing in the country to compete for their share of the RM10,000 cash prize pool!

The tournament format will be 1v1 so you will only have yourself to rely on for your performance. There will be two qualifier rounds – one on 18 October, and another one from 23-24 October. The qualifier winners will then proceed to the Semi-Finals and Grand Finals on 25 October. Expect to face off against semi-pros, amateur players and even beginners. It’s going to be an exciting weekend!

In addition to the tournament, there is also going to be a live sharing by Luqman “Fenrir” Haziq, IOI esports ambassador and FIFA esports champion, on 19 October who will talk about his esports journey, offer tips on getting better at FIFA21. The talk starts at 8 pm, don’t forget to tune in.

On 21-22 October, Luqman will also be playing matches against selected members of the live stream audience – the top 2 winners good enough to beat him will earn bragging rights, a copy of FIFA21, and a gaming headset.

If you’re interested in spectating the finals or watching Luqman’s talk, catch all the action which will be live-streamed on the IOI Properties Facebook Page.

What are you waiting for? Sign up for a spot now or get more details about the event on the official website.

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