ISATANA.GG Amateur Dota 2 Tournament Takes Place This Weekend

ISATANA.GG Amateur Dota 2 Tournament Takes Place This Weekend

What is dead may never die…jokes aside, if the recent Singapore Major was an indicator of how popular Dota 2 still is in the region, then things are looking good for fans of the game. In addition to the APAC Predator League Grand Finals and the DPC open qualifiers, there’s another tournament to check out this weekend – the ISATANA.GG Free-2-Play Tournament. Organized by a new player in the space, ISATANA.GG is an esports organization that looks to bridge the gap between the esports industry and businesses through the game of Dota 2. Their first step is to rebuild the local Dota 2 community starting with grassroots tournaments.

This is their first tournament and will be focused on community building, content creation and industry engagement. Learnings and findings from these tournaments will be made available publicly as a way to start bringing non-esports businesses closer to the community. Featuring amateur teams duking it out for a cut of the RM1,000 prize pool, there will be plenty of names you don’t recognize, but possibly a new star to look out for.

The tournament will kick off on Friday night, 9th April, 9PM, with single elimination best-of-one games until the Grand Finals on Sunday which will be a best-of-three. If you want to watch some Dota 2 but on a skill level closer to yours, the ISATANA.GG tournament will be one to watch! Catch the matches live on their official Facebook Page.

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    Apr 8, 2021 @ 10:22 am

    Thank you George! Really appreciate it and good write up.


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