Liiv SANDBOX wins EACC Autumn 2021

Posted by George Wong on September 20, 2021

The grand finals of the FIFA Online 4 EACC Autumn 2021 ended yesterday with an exciting showdown - EACC Winter 2019 winners, Liiv SANDBOX from South Korea and EACC Summer 2021 winners, FaZe Clan from Thailand. Game 1 was a close battle that had to be decided with a penalty shootout and ended up in Liiv SANDBOX's favour. FaZe Clan evened the score in game 2 while game 3 ended in another penalty shootout, giving the lead back to the South Koreans. For game 4, a penalty shootout was required yet again, with Liiv SANDBOX grabbing the win 3-1.

The final shootout

Congratulations to WooJin, ChangYeon and HyunWoo for their victory, they walk away with USD 35,000, the EACC Autumn 2021 title, and points towards their FIFAe Continental Cup 2021 qualification. If you missed the action, you can watch the VODs on YouTube.


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