Live on eGG Network: FIFA eClub World Cup 2020 kicks off

Posted by Bryan Terng on February 5, 2020

The world's largest e-football competition will see 48 pro FIFA players from all over the globe facing off for global glory.

Whether it's seeing it in action, playing on the field or debating passionately about it as if we were analysts, football has a way of pumping us up in all its forms, even esports. And what better way to experience the glorious e-football sport by catching its FIFA World Cup equivalent: the FIFA eClub World Cup 2020.

Held in Milan, the world's most prestigious e-football tournament will see 48 players from all over the world taking on each other by the horns for the coveted world championship title. With powerhouses such as Abdulaziz "MrDone" Alshehri, Spencer "HugeGorilla" Ealing, Diego "QLASH_Crazy" Campagnani and Fnatic's Donovan "Tekkz" Hunt vying for the top spot, the FIFA eClub World Cup 2020 is guaranteed to be action-packed.

The total prize pool of US$100,000 and Global Series Points (GSP) will be theirs for the taking, if they can handle the pressure:


US$40,000 + 2,000 GSP

First runner-up

US$20,000 + 1,400 GSP

Second and third runner-up

US$10,000 + 800 GSP

Catch the FIFA thrill LIVE on eGG Network channel from 7 - 9 Feb, with the first round of group stage beginning at 5PM (GMT+8).


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