Live on eGG: PGI.S Week 1 sees Korea's Afreeca Freecs leading the pack

Posted by Bryan Terng on February 17, 2021

The most prestigious PUBG esports tournament, PUBG Global Invitational.S (PGI.S), has been in full swing two Fridays ago. The first Weekly Final last weekend ended with Korea's Afreeca Freecs securing their spot as the richest team so far with a total of US$47,045.

Despite not earning any cash during Weekly Survival 1 as the 15th team to win a Winner Winner Chicken Dinner, it's all due to their top performance in Weekly Final 1 that shot them to the top. Their two Chicken Dinners and killer Match 10 performance with 13 kills pretty much locked them in place as the week's apex team. They garnered US$25,000 from the Weekly Final alone, plus US$22,045 in crowdfunding.

Here are the overall standings for PGI.S post-Weekly Final 1:

  1. Afreeca Freecs
  2. Shoot To Kill Gaming
  5. Four Angry Men
  6. NAVI
  7. Team Liquid
  8. K7 Esports
  10. FURIA Esports
  11. Gen.G
  12. OATH
  13. FaZe Clan
  14. Attack All Around
  15. Triumphant Song Gaming
  16. TSM

PGI.S Weekly Survival 2 is currently underway, and Afreeca Freecs have yet to secure a Weekly Final spot. Then again, there are still 11 matches to determine who will enter Weekly Final 2.

These are the teams who have qualified for Weekly Survival 2 so far:

  1. Shoot To Kill Gaming
  2. Team Liquid
  3. Gen.G
  4. Triumphant Song Gaming
  5. Multi Circle Gaming

This marks Multi Circle Gaming's first appearance in the Weekly Final, with the others returning for round two.

Match 6 of Weekly Survival 2.

Catch PGI.S Weekly Survival 2 tonight and tomorrow (17 - 18 February) at 6PM (GMT +8), with Weekly Final 2 this weekend (20 - 21 February) at the same time, LIVE on eGG Network TV, as well as Twitch and YouTube.


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