LoR Spirit Blossom Festival Is Here!

Posted by George Wong on July 24, 2020

Riot Games’ very first cross-game event - the Spirit Blossom Festival is here! Spanning across three titles - League of Legends (LoL), Legends of Runeterra (LoR) and Teamfight Tactics (TfT), it will run from 22 July to 24 August and will feature plenty of content for players of those games. For LoR, this festival introduces a Spirit Blossom Event Pass which will allow players to earn plenty of cosmetic upgrades for their boards and cards - by simply playing the game. Players can also spend money to obtain special premium rewards.

In addition to the deluge of cosmetics, this new update introduces a new Lab called Bestow, and balance updates to some cards.

  • In Bestow, players choose a preconstructed Spirit Blossom deck and start with 30 life. Whenever a creature dies, its stats are transferred to a random unit in the player’s hand. Get ready to see some crazy beasts by the end of the game!
  • As for balance changes, popular cards like Heimerdinger, Braum have been nerfed, while cards like Hunting Fleet and Golden Narwhal have been buffed. Check out the full list of changes here.
  • Expeditions Archetypes have also been tweaked to slightly nerf Freljord builds.
  • A number of bug fixes to the game client.

The Spirit Blossom update is available now - just load up the game to download it. You only get a month or so to collect all the Event Pass rewards, what are you waiting for? Stay tuned to eGG Network for all the latest updates and news on LoR!


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