M2 MLBB World Championship Day 1 Results

M2 MLBB World Championship Day 1 Results

Day 1 Results

The first day of the M2 Mobile Legends: Bang Bang World Championship started off with a bang, featuring many one-sided stomps with only two series that went all the way to 3 games! No major upsets so far, but nevertheless it was a day of great games.

Group B Match 1 Omega vs Todak (2-0)

For the first match of the day – Todak seemed extremely lost against Omega Esports. The Filipino squad rolled over the MPL-MY/SG S6 Champions 2-0 without breaking a sweat. Definitely a wakeup call for the Malaysian squad!

Group A Match 1 Burmese Ghouls vs Unique Devu (2-0)

Right out of the gates, this match was a brawl, with 13 kills within 5 minutes in favour of Burmese Ghouls. Despite some signs of life from Unique Devu, Burmese Ghouls managed to keep their lead and pulled ahead with their first win of the day. The second game was an outclass by the Myanmar team, and the Ghouls easily closed their first match 2-0.

Group B Match 2 Todak vs Impunity KH (2-0)

Looks like Todak’s loss in the morning was a good wake up call for the team. The team looked like a brand new squad this afternoon as they stomped Impunity two games straight, putting them at 1-1 in their group.  

Group A Match 2 RSG vs Unique Devu (2-1)

RSG’s first game of the day was clean and well-executed. The Singaporeans were disciplined and methodical and easily dismantled the Russian team’s defences to start with a win. 

No final ban for RSG in game 2 – a questionable decision by the team though we don’t know if it was on accident or purpose. Regardless, Unique Devu showed some signs of life and equalized the series 1-1, making this the first 3-game match of the day. 

In the third game – most of the game was neck to neck, with the teams trading kills throughout the match, but RSG found their opening after two consecutive pickoffs on Unique Devu’s Sunset Lover and marched down mid to take the game.

Group B Match 3 Omega vs Impunity (2-0)

Omega continued their undefeated day 1, taking out Impunity with ease. The Cambodians seemed to have no chance against the aggressive Filipino squad who took control of the game right from the beginning. Game 2 wasn’t much different from the first one, with Omega showing that they are a class above their opponents.

The victory secured Omega Esports starting out in the upper bracket of the playoffs. Impunity and Todak will have one more phase to go through to see if they can make it to the lower bracket.

Group A Match 3 Burmese Ghouls vs RSG (2-1)

For the final match of the day, Burmese Ghouls started the series with a strong performance and swiftly dominated RSG in game 1. However, RSG managed to pull it back in game 2 to equalize the series. It all came down to the 3rd game which went to – the Burmese Ghouls who won the game despite the even start – all they needed were two decisive team fight victories – one to secure Lord and one more to end the game. Burmese Ghouls finish in first place for group A and will proceed to the playoff upper bracket. RSG and Unique Devu will need to play an additional phase to stay in the tournament.

And that concludes our day 1 coverage of the tournament. Remember to continue watching the action tomorrow on eGG Network TV, Astro Arena, or Facebook, 10 am onwards. Stay tuned to eGG Network for all the latest news and updates on M2!

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