M2 MLBB World Championship Day 2 Results

Posted by George Wong on January 19, 2021

Day 2 Results

After the exciting first day of the M2 Mobile Legends: Bang Bang World Championship, the action picked up in similar fashion on the second day. Full of 2-0s, except for the last match, and no upsets. Here's how the games went down:

Group C Match 1 Alter Ego Esports vs 10S Gaming Frost (2-0)

The first game of the day was a complete stomp, with Alter Ego not losing a single turret before closing out the game at 12 minutes. The second game was much better for 10S Gaming Frost squad, with them being able to keep up with the Indonesians. However, all it took was one botched team fight to spell their doom as Alter Ego was again able to close out the second game in 12 minutes.

Group D Match 1 EVOS SG vs Dreammax (2-0)

The first game of group D went in favour of the hometown favourites - EVOS SG, but Dreammax proved that they weren’t a free win. Despite the first loss, they did well to keep up with the Singaporeans for most of the game. The second game was similar to the first, with Dreammax lacking the ability to pull ahead.

Group C Match 2 Bren Esports vs 10S Gaming Frost (2-0)

As expected, Bren Esports, the MPL-PH S6 winners easily decimated 10S Gaming Frost in game one. The second game was even worse for the Japanese squad and was over for them before they could even mount a proper defence. Bren Esports didn’t pull any punches this series and rolled over 10S Gaming Frost with a clean 2-0.

Group D Match 2  RRQ Hoshi vs Dreammax (2-0)

RRQ started off their first match of the day with an aggressiveness that matched Dreammax’s and eventually overtook them without breaking a sweat, ending the first game in 14 minutes. Like in the previous match, the second game was a bigger stomp than the first, RRQ ending the game in under 10 minutes with a kill score of 20-2.

Group C Match 3 Bren Esports vs Alter Ego Esports (2-0)

One of the most anticipated matches of the day, it kicked off with Bren Esports and Alter Ego evenly matched all the way, with the teams trading farm and kills in the early game. However, Bren Esports managed to crack through Alter Ego’s defences by securing a Lord to destroy all of their inhibitors at 19 minutes. The game was then straightforward for the Filipino squad after that, with them out-team fighting the Indonesians followed by a final push. Game two was the complete opposite of the first game, with Bren Esports taking the lead from the get-go and never giving it up. The MPL-PH S6 winners got their MPLI revenge, and finish the day without a loss, putting them in the upper bracket of the playoffs.

Group D Match 3 RRQ Hoshi vs EVOS SG (2-1)

The remaining high-profile match to end the night, EVOS SG found themselves with a minor lead at the beginning of the first game, but RRQ Hoshi persevered to keep the lead static, especially with the initial Lord steal. After taking two successful team fights, RRQ could finally slay the Luminous Lord to march down the lanes and destroyed EVOS SG’s base at 18 minutes.

The second game was closer, with EVOS and RRQ trading kills and farm in the beginning. RRQ eventually gained the upper hand and tried to break into EVOS SG’s base, but their failed attempt put them in a bad position which allowed EVOS to counter-push unhindered while RRQ’s heroes were still respawning, giving us the first game 3 of the day.

For the final game of the night, it was neck to neck again, all the way until RRQ took a favourable team fight right outside EVOS SG’s base, that allowed them to convert it into a push. RRQ Hoshi will be the Upper Bracket representatives from Group D.

Now that our upper brackets have been determined, tomorrow we’ll find out who will be eliminated and who will move on to the playoff lower brackets. The action continues tomorrow on eGG Network TV, Astro Arena, or Facebook, 1 pm onwards. Stay tuned to eGG Network for all the latest news and updates on M2!


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