M2 MLBB World Championship Day 3 Results

Posted by George Wong on January 20, 2021

Day 3 Results

Day 3 of the M2 Mobile Legends: Bang Bang World Championship is here! By the end of the day, the group stage will be over and lower brackets decided; unfortunately, we’ll also have to say goodbye to four teams. Here’s how the day went down:

Match 1 - RSG vs 10S Gaming Frost (1-2)

The first game started with an immaculate performance from the Singaporean squad who showed no mercy to the Japanese visitors. RSG dominated 10S Gaming Frost from the get-go, with their superior positioning, rotations, and outplays. The game ended in just under 15 minutes, with a 10-0 kill score.

In game 2, 10S Gaming Frost looked like a brand new team, as though the last game did nothing to hamper their stride. The Japanese team struck back with a vengeance and while it wasn’t a complete beatdown, they still managed to prevent the series from becoming a 2-0 stomp. If they keep up this aggression for game 3, we might see an early farewell for the Singaporeans.

For the deciding game, 10S Gaming Frost repeated their game 2 performance and took it up a notch. After a few minutes of laning, 10S Gaming Frost grouped up and roamed the map as 5, baiting RSG into multiple unfavourable engagements. This allowed them to easily take objectives around the map and eventually the inhibitors in RSG’s base to secure their victory. Congratulations to 10S Gaming Frost, they proceed to the lower bracket playoffs, while RSG have been eliminated from M2.

Match 2 - Unique Devu vs Alter Ego (0-2)

Game 1 started with Unique Devu matching Alter Ego’s aggression, but the Indonesian team eventually pulled ahead and overtook the map. They outplayed and outmanoeuvred the Russian squad, leaving them with no resources. A secured Lord allowed Alter Ego to march down and destroy Unique Devu’s base.

Game 2 looked more promising for Unique Devu, who seemed to have figured out Alter Ego’s rotations, but it was only a matter of time that the Indonesian powerhouse figured out how to counter them and regained the lead. Unique Devu were then systematically shut down with no way to respond - Alter Ego then marched down mid to claim the second win at 12 minutes. Unique Devu have been eliminated from M2, while Alter Ego move on to the playoff lower bracket.

Match 3 - Todak vs Dreammax (2-1)

Dreammax came out swinging today, taking the lead and commanding the first game in the beginning. However, in the midgame, Todak fought back and managed to suppress the Brazilians, but it felt like overconfidence got the best of the team as they started making terrible trades across the map. The final nail in the coffin was a teamfight around the Lord which Dreammax won due to Todak’s cores being dead. This allowed Dreammax to easily march down the map and into Todak’s base. They take the first game of the match.

The second match started off looking grim for the Malaysian squad but sometime in the midgame, Todak awakened to pull up their socks. They seized control of the game, took objectives, the Lord, and Dreammax’s base. They equalize the match at 1-1.

For the final game of the series, the game started out heavily in Dreammax’s favour, with Todak looking extremely lost. However, two successful team fights equalized the teams and led to a stalemate around the Lord until a decisive skirmish in the mid lane, which gave Todak easy access to the objective. This turned into a push, final team fight in Dreammax’s base, and victory for the Malaysians. Todak will move on to the lower bracket playoffs while Dreammax have been eliminated from the tournament.

Match 4 - Impunity KH vs EVOS SG (0-2)

The first game was a great showing from EVOS SG, despite the unorthodox Terizla pick from Impunity KH, it didn’t seem to make a difference to the Singaporeans - they executed their own strategy unhindered.

The second game was a beatdown from EVOS SG. While they didn’t have the cleanest of fights, they won the ones where they didn’t overextend. Impunity KH didn’t seem to have a chance despite scoring a Lord after winning one of the many team fights. EVOS SG showed that they were the better team today and will enter the lower bracket playoffs, while we bid farewell to Impunity KH.

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Tomorrow will be a one-day break, M2 resumes with the playoffs beginning on Friday 11.30 am, 22 January. Don't forget to tune into eGG Network TV, Astro Arena, or Facebook to catch all the action. Stay tuned to eGG Network for all the latest news and updates on M2!


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