M2 MLBB World Championship Playoffs Day 1 Results

Posted by George Wong on January 22, 2021

Today is do-or-die for two of the teams in the lower brackets of the M2 Mobile Legends: Bang Bang World Championship, and a chance for two teams in the upper brackets to move one step closer towards the goal of being world champions. Who will falter, and who will prevail?

Lower Bracket Match 1: 10S Gaming Frost vs Alter Ego Esports (0-2)

Alter Ego showed up today, as though they wanted to say they didn’t belong in the lower bracket was a mistake. The first game was a huge thrashing and 10S Gaming Frost didn’t stand a chance, ending at just under 13 minutes with a kill score of 20-10 in favour of the Indonesians.

Game 2 wasn’t much different, despite 10S Gaming getting fancy with their draft - Alter Ego didn’t hold back, especially their standin’s (Yam) performance who secured MVP for both games. The Indonesians move on to the next stage while the Japanese squad’s M2 journey ends here.

Lower Bracket Match 2: Todak vs EVOS SG (2-0)

The match a lot of us have been waiting for - Malaysia vs Singapore, the ultimate grudge match and more importantly - a rematch of the MPL-MY/SG S6 Grand Finals which took place about 3 months ago. 

For game 1 both teams pulled out some rare picks for this tournament - Tigreal for Todak and Rafaela and Carrie for EVOS SG. The match started off on quite even footing, but towards the midgame, Todak managed to bait EVOS SG into multiple unfavourable engagements, which allowed the team to pull ahead and secure more objectives. In the end, it came down to a skirmish in the base of EVOS SG, which allowed Todak to destroy the Crystal and win the first game.

In the second game, Todak showed that they had EVOS SG’s number and took control of the game right from the get-go. EVOS SG showed some signs of life during the game, but it wasn’t enough to beat Todak’s lineup and aggression. Methodically, the Malaysians won team fight after team fight and secured all the objectives across the map. Todak move forward with a 2-0 score, while EVOS SG have been eliminated from M2.

Upper Bracket Match 1: Burmese Ghouls vs Bren Esports (2-0)

Burmese Ghouls came out guns blazing for this match. Proving all the analysts at the desk wrong in the first game, the Burmese team gave the Filipinos the beating of their lives. Every fight ended in their favour, and their strategy to shut down Bren’s KarlTzy worked perfectly - Bren Esports looked completely lost this game. With a 14k gold lead, Burmese Ghouls marched into Bren’s base to end the game at 12 minutes.

In Game 2, Burmese Ghouls continued their total domination over Bren Esports. Without missing a beat, they continued their strategy of shutting down KarlTzy and bringing the fights to them. Bren had no answers and in probably the biggest upset of the tournament so far, they fall down to the lower bracket of the playoffs. Burmese Ghouls move on to the upper bracket finals tomorrow.

Upper Bracket Match 2: Omega Esports vs RRQ Hoshi (0-2)

For the final match of the day, we have a clash between two titans - Omega Esports from the Philipines and RRQ Hoshi from Indonesia. The game started off with Omega Esports in the lead, however, RRQ Hoshi kept their cool and slowly clawed their way back. Towards the midgame, the Indonesians gained the advantage by securing multiple pickoffs on Omega’s squad. Both teams played extremely cautiously which led to a stalemate around the Lord and sending out one core each to clean up the lanes. Eventually, RRQ made a mistake which led to a terrible team fight for them, and Omega claiming the Lord. While it did lead to a successful push to destroy RRQ’s inhibitors, the Indonesians managed to muster up a defence to repel them from the Crystal. The match dragged out all the way to 33 minutes until RRQ claimed another Lord which allowed them to march down Bren’s base, they lead the match 1-0.

The second game featured a rare Bruno pick for RRQ which was instrumental in the Indonesians getting an early lead. RRQ claimed the first turtle of the game, which led to the first Omega Esports turret being destroyed at 3 minutes - a sign of things to come. RRQ continued securing kills and objectives and then snowballed out of control. Unlike the first game which was the longest one of the tournament, RRQ showed that they knew how to play fast as well and ended the match in 10 minutes. They send Omega Esports to the lower bracket and move on to face the Burmese Ghouls tomorrow.

The action of the M2 playoffs will resume tomorrow, Saturday 11.00 am, 23 January and we'll find out who makes it to the Grand Finals! Don’t forget to tune into eGG Network TV, Astro Arena, or Facebook to catch all the action. Stay tuned to eGG Network for all the latest news and updates on M2!

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