M2 MLBB World Championship Playoffs Day 2 Results

Posted by George Wong on January 23, 2021

The second day of the M2 Mobile Legends: Bang Bang World Championship is going to be more brutal than the last. Today we say farewell to three more teams from M2 - it's going to be heartbreaking for a lot of MLBB fans watching the tournament.

Lower Bracket Match 1: Alter Ego Esports vs Omega Esports (2-0)

Alter Ego kept up their yesterday's form and remained on fire today. For the first game, the Indonesians took an early lead which was equalized by the Filipinos, but two bad fights allowed Alter Ego to secure the Lord and a push down Omega's base at 14 minutes to end the first game in their favour.

In the second game, Alter Ego played an extremely aggressive draft which shut Omega down before they could even come online. Not much to be said besides farewell to the Filipino squad. Congratulations to Alter Ego, they are one step closer to the lower bracket finals.

Lower Bracket Match 2: Todak vs Bren Esports (1-2)

Game 1 started with Bren Esports bringing the aggression and scoring many kills against Todak - the reason being the latter sending less players to the fights in order to claim objectives on the map instead. Towards the midgame, Todak won multiple skirmishes which allowed them to secure the first inhibitor of the game, a Lord, and another successful push to end the game at 17 minutes.

Game 2 was a complete thrashing the other way - Bren Esports seemed to be unfazed by the first loss. Right from the get-go, they kept up their aggression from the first game but this time they turned their team fight victories into objectives. Eventually, Bren snowballed over Todak's lineup and equalized the series at 11 minutes.

The first game 3 of the playoffs - started off with questionable picks from Todak, and even more questionable plays from the team. They looked lost as Bren Esports led their opponents all over the map, baiting them into unfavourable skirmishes. Towards the end of the match Todak were pretty much sending their players in to die one-by-one, which allowed Bren Esports to methodically end the game with no issues. The only Malaysian representatives have been eliminated from M2 and Bren Esports move on to face Alter Ego later today.

Upper Bracket Final: RRQ Hoshi vs Burmese Ghouls (2-3)

The first game of the match started off on very even footing, with both teams trading kills and objectives, until RRQ slipped up which allowed the Burmese Ghouls to secure a Lord, and the victory shortly after. The Myanmar team scores the first win of the series.

Game 2 played out in similar fashion, with Burmese Ghouls' discipline and calculated gameplay giving them an edge over RRQ Hoshi. Despite the latter showing some signs of life during some skirmishes in the game, it wasn't enough to hold off the Myanmarese players. Burmese Ghouls lead the series 2-0.

RRQ Hoshi managed to pull up their socks in time for the third game against Burmese Ghouls. Showing excellent initiations and team fights, it was the Ghouls' turn to look lost this game. Despite them defending an inhibitor-less base for a few minutes, they never managed to find a solution against the Indonesian onslaught. RRQ score their first win of the day.

The Indonesians seemed to have Burmese Ghouls number for this game. Starting from the draft (where they managed to pick up Brody and Esmerelda), RRQ had the upper hand against the Ghouls. The Myanmarese could not withstand RRQ's assault and quickly fell, fight after fight. Despite some close fights, members of RRQ managed to keep escaping with a sliver of health. With this victory, the best of five will go all the way.

The final game of the match between two very evenly-matched teams has boiled down to a best-of-one, the winner moving on to the Grand Finals tomorrow, and the loser dropping down to the lower bracket. Needless to say, Burmese Ghouls got out of their two-straight loss slump by returning to form and dominating RRQ in this game. Roaming around the map as 5, the Ghouls won team fight after team fight to march down RRQ's base at 13 minutes.

Bumese Ghouls move on to the M2 Grand Finals tomorrow, while RRQ Hoshi will face the winner of Bren Esports vs Alter Ego.

Lower Bracket Match 3: Bren Esports vs Alter Ego Esports (2-1)

A rematch of a Group C match, where Bren Esports managed to 2-0 Alter Ego, the Indonesians will be looking for revenge today. Game 1 started with Alter Ego running circles around Bren Esports and shutting down KarlTzy. With the initial lead, Alter Ego snowballed out of control leaving Bren unable to defend. Shoutout to LeoMurphy for his standout performance on Chou who finished the game with 0 deaths at 14 assists.

Game 2 went the opposite way, with Bren Esports pulling off a near-flawless performance and flipping the script against Alter Ego. Karltzy's Lancelot made quick work of the Indonesians this game.

The final game was somewhat anticlimactic, with Bren Esports showing their true form, completely dominating Alter Ego Esports from start to finish. Protecting KarlTzy seemed to be the name of the game for Bren Esports and it worked. The Indonesians looked helpless against the Filipino squad and were met with a swift defeat. Alter Ego have been eliminated from M2, and Bren Esports move on to face RRQ Hoshi tomorrow.

M2 will come to a conclusion tomorrow, Sunday 11.00 am, 24 January, where one team will go home with the World Champion trophy! Don’t forget to tune into eGG Network TV, Astro Arena, or Facebook to catch all the action. Stay tuned to eGG Network for all the latest news and updates on M2!

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