M2 MLBB World Championship Playoffs: Semi-Finals Results

Posted by George Wong on January 24, 2021

It's the final day of the M2 Mobile Legends: Bang Bang World Championship! Today we will find out which of the three remaining teams will lift the trophy of the best team in the world. We have the Burmese Ghouls waiting to face off against their opponent in an epic best-of-seven for the Grand Finals but first, we have to see who makes it through.

Semi-Finals: RRQ Hoshi vs Bren Esports

The first game was a beatdown from RRQ Hoshi - the Indonesians successfully shut down Bren's KarlTzy (seems like the go-to strat against them) and the rest of the team had nothing to respond with either. Quick, clean, efficient, RRQ scored the first win of the day at 11 minutes.

Game 2 started in favour of RRQ, but towards the midgame, Bren won a decisive engagement which gave them the lead and a Lord to make a quick push into their opponent's base. While RRQ managed to successfully defend, they lost all their outer towers instead. Another team fight and one Lord later, the Filipinos invaded RRQ's base to equalize the match at 18 minutes. Well played to Flaptzy who put the team on his back this game.

The third game was a real stomp from Bren Esports. After the initial 'download' game, Bren seems to have figured out RRQ's number. KarlTzy on his Lancelot showed us what he is capable of when he doesn't get shut down during the laning phase. If Bren keeps it up, they look like a shoo-in for the grand finals later today.

Game 4 started with Bren exerting total dominance over their Indonesian opponents. Towards the midgame, RRQ Hoshi showed some signs of life but Bren quickly shut all hopes down. All Bren needed was a few kills and a Lord to spell the end of RRQ's run this tournament. Bren Esports move on to the Grand Finals to meet the Burmese Ghouls!

M2 concludes this evening, 24 January at 6pm. Don’t forget to tune into eGG Network TV, Astro Arena, or Facebook to catch all the action. Stay tuned to eGG Network for all the latest news and updates on M2!

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