MARVEL Future Revolution: Marvel's first open-world AAA mobile title, with over 400 million costume combos per hero

Posted by Bryan Terng on June 30, 2021

If you weren't satisfied with Marvel's Avengers (the one that was released last year), there just might be a saving grace in the latest mobile title by Netmarble Corp. (Netmarble Monster) and Marvel Entertainment - MARVEL Future Revolution, with its gameplay officially revealed in a special MARVEL Live stream just this morning (30 June):

Upon first glance, MARVEL Future Revolution looks like an improved version of its predecessor, MARVEL Future Fight, coupled with an original storyline, AAA quality graphics, and a huge roster of your favourite MARVEL superheroes. Beyond that, Future Revolution is actually expanding its scope to not only be a mobile action RPG, but an open-world title as well, with five new regions for players to explore:

MARVEL Future Revolution takes place after the convergence of several Earths across the multiverse to become a singular Primary Earth, resulting in a brand-new multi-dimensional superhero team named Omega Flight to take on new challenges in a new world. Eight superheroes (pictured below) will be playable at launch, with so many more to come.

"Popularity, gameplay factor, and the natural pairing of these characters being a team to save the world in this story (are why we've chosen to release these eight superheroes first)," said Danny Koo, director of product development at Marvel Games, during the live stream. "(We've also) picked iconic super villains and locations that make sense with this cast of characters as well."

Plus, a plethora of gear will be up for grabs to equip, allowing players more than 400 million costume combinations for each hero! You'd be hard-pressed to find anyone else to have the exact same Iron Man as yours. Skill sets will also be customisable too, so you can tweak your main heroes to excel in any situation you want them to, such as being a tank, crowd control, high damage, just to name a few.

"We wanted to make sure we have something for everyone, depending on what kind of gameplay style you want," Joe Lee, chimed in as well. "If you're up for close-quarter combat, then we have Captain America; if you're a trickster kind of guy, we have Spider-Man; (and so on.)"

On top of its main campaign, MARVEL Future Revolution will also have a Squad System for multiplayer gaming. Players can show off their maxed out superheroes in multiple PvP (Player versus Player) modes, from 1v1s to 10v10s, across different types of multiplayer content that will be unlocked as you play, Blitz, Special Operation, Raids, and more.

MARVEL Future Revolution will be available as a free-to-play game for iOS and Android in the second half of this year.

Sign up for the global pre-registration now on the App Store, Google Play or the official website and be rewarded awesomely with exclusive in-game goodies.

For the latest news on MARVEL Future Revolution, you can visit the official website and follow #MARVELFutureRevolution across Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube.


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