MasterRamen: A 'Father' that keeps on giving

Posted by Bryan Terng on February 26, 2020

Before his time as a regular PUBG Mobile/GTA V streamer, he was - and still is - responsible for the growth of esports in Malaysia.

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Hearty, generous, easygoing. Those are the words that come to mind when watching the streams of the father of Malaysian esports, Firdaus “MasterRamen” Hashim, on Facebook Gaming. Having amassed 472,000 followers on his page, it’s not an understatement to say that he has come a long way since he first became involved in the esports scene years ago.

“My gamer name was inspired by Naruto, because he loves free ramen,” MasterRamen said with a chuckle. “I named myself MasterRamen, because I like giving out free stuff.” And walked the talk he did, expressing his gratitude and appreciation towards his fans by giving them freebies so that they feel “extra special” during his playthroughs, especially his Top Fans.

MasterRamen’s journey in bringing esports to rising prominence in the country has been an eventful one. His big break came about when he was managing an Dota 2 esports team, named Lowyat.net Esports before rebranding itself as Arrow Gaming. Against all odds, the team successfully qualified for the prestigious The International 4 (TI4), which he was extremely proud of. “We won the qualifiers in style,” he reminisced.

With his beloved wife, Asfarina Wan Nordin.

However, a match-fixing scandal ensued after he left Arrow Gaming, about which he was told in confidence before exposing it to public knowledge. “I felt like I was betraying the trust of an old friend, but it needed to be done to stop the issue from becoming worse,” he said with a heavy heart. It wasn’t an easy thing for MasterRamen to do, but it’s one that the community would unanimously commend him for.

But it didn’t stop there. MasterRamen’s crowning achievement would be him getting appointed as the manager/”father figure” of the Malaysian esports team participating in SEA Games 2019. After all, it is an esports milestone that he’s grateful to be a part of. “Before this, esports players would either play for themselves or the esports organisations they represent. But for the first time ever, with esports at SEA Games, they can now play for the pride of their country.” Malaysia went on to bag one gold and bronze medals from the 30th edition of the sporting event, which recognised esports as a medal sport for the first time.

"Many pro players in Malaysia came to me when they had problems, and I would help them voice out or give them advice. Maybe that's why they nicknamed me 'Father of Malaysian Esports'."

Now, MasterRamen continues pursuing his passion for video game streaming. Arming himself with PUBG Mobile, Call of Duty: Mobile, and Grand Theft Auto V as his regularly streamed games, he chose to stream these games due to their popularity and the fun content that comes with the games. The “vast open world” of GTA V and the thrills of PUBG and CoD are why he doesn’t mind streaming them for hours. But what’s the point of streaming if you don’t have an audience?

“I like to interact a lot with my viewers,” MasterRamen said, saying that he likes entertaining them by not only engaging with them, but also by introducing funny content that they can enjoy. It’s a style that brings to mind FIFA streamer Castro1021, who he happens to idolise.

MasterRamen roleplaying as the head of the Malaysian Special Branch in GTA V.

Ironically enough, MasterRamen hopes to stream more sports games in the near future. “I’ve always loved FIFA, Formula One and NBA,” he revealed. He’s aware that the local community doesn't actually watch streams of sports games, which he hopes wouldn’t be a problem when he streams them.

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