Mixer Releases Ninja and Shroud Into the Wild; To Merge With Facebook Gaming

Posted by George Wong on June 23, 2020

Looks like things are shaking up in the world of livestreaming - Microsoft announced in an unexpected blog post yesterday, the shutting down of its streaming platform, Mixer. Come 22nd July 2020, the platform will cease to exist. While technically sound, and some would even say superior to the competition, Mixer has failed to capture a significant portion of the population, so it wasn't too shocking to hear the news. What was more surprising was the fact that Microsoft threw in the towel this early. Regardless, Microsoft announced that Mixer will now be integrated with Facebook Gaming, so Mixer users won't be left homeless when it shuts down.

This transition to Facebook Gaming means that all Mixer Partners will be granted partner status with Facebook Gaming, streamers using Mixer's open monetization program will be granted eligibility for Facebook Gaming Level Up, and Mixer viewers with leftover Embers, channel subscriptions or Mixer Pro subscriptions will receive Xbox Gift Card credit as compensation. Will we see a sudden influx of users moving over to Facebook Gaming? Only time will tell.

With the news of Mixer's closure, it has also been reported that Ninja and Shroud (streamers that they poached from Twitch in the past) are now free agents and can go wherever they please. No word on where they'll be moving to yet - they could potentially return to Twitch or explore new options with YouTube or Facebook Gaming.

Mixer was always behind the big three when it came to viewership numbers. Getting big names on board with the platform didn't do much for its growth either, proving that livestream audiences are somewhat loyal to their platforms and don't switch easily. Could this mean that giants like Twitch are too big to compete against? What will YouTube or Facebook Gaming do in the future to obtain a bigger slice of the pie? Maybe it's time for streaming platforms to reassess their strategies for the future. Are alternative platforms viable at this point?

Rest In Peace Mixer, we hardly knew you.


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