Miya and Alucard Rework for MLBB Project "Next" Teased!

Posted by George Wong on July 22, 2020

Last month, Moonton hinted at some upcoming updates for their classic Mobile Legends: Bang Bang heroes and it looks like the company is ready to tease us a little bit more. Today they revealed what they plan to do with Miya and Alucard for Project “NEXT”.

A gentler but braver Miya

In addition to a cosmetic change to make her look gentler and braver, she will be reworked into a more active hero. Exact details haven’t been revealed, but Moonton mentioned that she will have an enhanced Passive and Skill 2 (Rain of Arrows) to grant her higher damage output, stronger control ability, and more flexible positioning.

Based on the screenshots, it looks like Miya will be able to shoot an arrow that splits in 6 directions and stuns opponents - a useful tool to scatter your enemies and force them out of position. She also seems to have a new skill that will allow her to attack multiple enemies at the same time as well. In the meantime, enjoy the images; we’ll know the exact details when the patch is officially announced.

As for Alucard, Moonton wanted to stick to his core strength, which is his one-on-one duels. Based on this direction, they have tweaked his Passive to now dump massive damage on a single attack. His Ultimate will no longer have lifesteal and will deal extra damage on marked targets instead. It will also be able to trigger his Passive. Again, not much to infer here until we see the official patch notes, but it looks like Alucard will be more tweaked towards quick fights instead of long drawn out ones.

Still the same ol' pretty boy

Alucard’s looks also have been slightly tweaked, but you’ll still be able to recognize him.

Moonton also mentioned that they will also be adjusting the backstories of their characters - possibly for an upcoming lore-focused project? Time to pull out those speculation hats!

MLBB: Project “NEXT” seems to be shaping up to be an interesting update. Remember to stay tuned to eGG Network for all the latest MLBB news.


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