MLBB: Project “NEXT” Cinematic Trailer Hints At Character Lore

MLBB: Project “NEXT” Cinematic Trailer Hints At Character Lore

Mobile Legends Bang Bang: ProjectNEXT” is just around the corner, and Moonton are pulling out the stops to drive up the excitement for the update. Over the weekend, they released a cinematic trailer called ‘Beyond Legends’. While it’s mostly a lore-focused trailer for the game (you get glimpses of what Miya, Alucard, Eudora, Balmond, Zilong and more went through in the past), it does lead us to wonder if Moonton has some sort of animated series in the works for the game.

Regardless if you care about their stories or not, we get a close look at some of the new and updated skins and models for the game’s iconic characters. No word on whether we’ll see even more cinematics for the other heroes and villains, but we’re definitely hyped for the game’s new update.

Watch the full trailer below:

MLBB: Project “NEXT” is expected to launch on 22nd September – one more week to go! Stay tuned to eGG Network for all the latest news and updates on MLBB.

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