Moonton Celebrates MLBB 5th Anniversary with a New Song and Animated Short

Posted by George Wong on September 14, 2021

When was the first time you heard of Mobile Legends: Bang Bang or started playing the game that is pretty much synonymous with esports in Southeast Asia? Did you know that the game recently reached its 5th birthday? That's right, the MOBA that almost everybody you know plays is old enough to enrol into kindergarten! To celebrate the occasion, Moonton has some interesting activities planned.

Firstly, they announced the launch of a new song - Dawn of the Moon (listen on Spotify) which goes hand-in-hand with Miya's new skin, Moon Priestess.

And they released a teaser for a new animated short, titled "The Bloom". We see a lot of familiar faces in this teaser, and it takes a very different approach from The Sacred Stone. It does look very epic and action-oriented - targeting the older fans of the game. Regardless, we won't have to wait too long to watch it, as it will be released on 18th September. Check it out below:

It seems like Moonton has a whole slew of activities planned for us to celebrate the 5th anniversary of MLBB. We can't wait to see what else is in store! Follow eGG Network for more news and updates.


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