MPL-ID Playoffs: ONIC Esports and EVOS Legends advance to the next round

Posted by Benedict benedict@egg.network on April 10, 2020

ONIC's CW and EVOS' Wannn were standout performers for both teams.

ONIC Esports and EVOS Legends claim important first-round wins over Alter Ego and Genflix Aerowolf to advance in the MPL Indonesia Season 5 Playoffs Upper Bracket. ONIC next face RRQ.Hoshi in the third Upper Bracket match later today.

Alter Ego and Genflix Aerowolf have unfortunately been eliminated.

Match 1: Alter Ego vs ONIC Esports

MPL-ID S5 Playoffs Day 1 was opened by a series between Alter Ego and ONIC Esports

The first match between Alter Ego and ONIC Esports started in the former team's favour. Alter Ego placed fourth during the Regular Season, above ONIC and despite not coming out of the blocks on fire, they had an overall better late game draft. ONIC.CW's Ling claimed first blood but their hyper-aggressive strategy wasn't enough to overwhelm AE. AE.Celiboy's Claude was able to farm quickly thanks to excellent support from his teammates and he succeeded in carrying them to victory with a 6/0/7 KDA score.

Games 2 and 3 were tightly-contested affairs, but in both games, Alter Ego's draft of both Uranus and Atlas - both tanks - proved ineffective in the late game. The MVP for both games should arguably be given to ONIC's CW, whose Karrie (Game 2) and Kimmy (Game 3) proved too hot to handle for AE.

Alter Ego vs ONIC Esports Game 3 screenshot.

If AE went for conventional, ONIC was certainly the risk-taker in the series. In the third game, ONIC played without a "real" tank. Nevertheless, their early game aggression thanks to Valir's crowd control (CC) and an off-tank Esmeralda was able to deal enough damage to lead them to two successful Luminous Lord kills and a date with RRQ.Hoshi in the next round.

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Match 2: EVOS Legends vs Genflix Aerowolf

The second series of the MPL-ID S5 playoffs was between EVOS Legends and Genflix Aerowolf

With a conventional line-up, Genflix Aerowolf had a good start in Game 1. However, EVOS Legends' Wannn was on his signature hero, Harith. Despite not having a true Marksman. EVOS' Mage duo: Wannn's Harith and Rexxy's Cecilion proved devastating. Another highlight of EVOS' line-up was Luminaire's Rafaela, who constantly kept his teammates alive despite Genflix's best efforts. The marathon of a match (31 minutes 27 seconds) finally ended with a next-level Flicker-Ejector play from EVOS' Bajan, which caught Genflix totally off-guard.

The Flicker-Ejector play from EVOS.Bajan's Jawhead which ended the game.

EVOS Legends performed significantly better in Game 2. Their draft was more conventional, picking Uranus, Karrie, Kimmy, Jawhead and Diggie. Despite losing their Red Buff early in the game, EVOS regained their composure and used Uranus successfully to brick wall Genflix.

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Though the kill-score was relatively even, EVOS maintained the upper hand throughout the game.

A surprising Kagura pick for Genflix's Clay was underwhelming as her impact was minimal. Genflix Watt's Claude was impressive, but there was just not enough damage as the defending champions outmaneuvered their opponents throughout the game.

With the victory, EVOS Legends set up a date against the Branz-inspired Bigetron Alpha. The MPL-ID Season 4 and M1 champions have been improving in recent weeks and managed to beat the Red Aliens 2-0 in Week 7 of the Regular Season.

Expect fireworks! Stay tuned for more MPL-ID S5 Playoffs coverage.

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