MPL Indonesia Playoffs: EVOS set up El Clasico with RRQ in the Upper Bracket Finals

Posted by Benedict benedict@egg.network on April 11, 2020

The Season 4 champions emerged from a hard-fought 2-1 victory to take one step closer towards defending their title.

Three matches will be played on Day 2, with one team facing elimination.

The first Upper Bracket match of the day was between Bigetron Alpha and EVOS Legends, who placed second and third respectively during the Regular Season.

EVOS Legends advance to the upper bracket final against RRQ.Hoshi (playing later today). Bigetron Alpha drop to the lower bracket to play ONIC Esports in a do-or-die series to determine the top three teams of MPL Indonesia Season 5.

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Bigetron Alpha

EVOS Legends

In Game 1, EVOS Legends followed-up yesterday's solid win against Genflix Aerowolf to dominate Bigetron Alpha from start to finish. Despite locking in Branza' Claude as their first pick, the Red Aliens failed to adapt to EVOS' versatile drafting.

Bigetron went for a largely conventional line-up, with the exception of Faramis, whereas EVOS opted for an aggressive formation which included Grock, Chou, Pharsa, Ling, and Natalia.

EVOS' high mobility allowed them to apply pressure from the get-go and Branz was simply unable to be relevant in the game. The game ended in 15 minutes, but this was due to EVOS' cautious approach rather than an even game.

Game 2 post-match stats.

Game 2 started as an even affair as Bigetron Alpha banned the Pharsa and picked Grock and Natalia - a combination that worked wonders for EVOS in Game 1. They also gave Branz his signature hero - Granger - which has an 86% win rate (before the Playoffs).

Just as Rexxy's Natalia wreaked havoc in Game 1, Kyy piloted the hero masterfully, and was a constant thorn in EVOS' side throughout the game. BTR.Bravo's Uranus also had a notable 5/0/7 performance, creating space, absorbing and dealing damage to devastating effect.

EVOS themselves successfully piloted the off laner yesterday against Genflix Aerowolf, and might want to claim him for themselves in Game 3.

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With the score poised at 1-1, Game 3 proved to be a fireworks of a battle.

Game 3 was dead-even after 5 minutes in a low-kills start to the game. But teams played cautiously but things tipped into EVOS Legends' favour with a big 11-minute fight in which Wannn's Karrie earned a Maniac. Bajan's Grock and Luminaire's Nana's excellent positioning around the Lord pit was the breakthrough that the defending champions needed.

However, Bigetron Alpha didn't give up. An impressive base defense around minute 18 gave the Red Aliens a sliver of hope. Despite losing both top and bottom inhibitor towers, Bigetron marched down mid to claim EVOS' mid lane inhibitor tower.

EVOS.Rekt's smart "ratting" (or backdoor) won them a tight game.

However, EVOS still had the last laugh. Learning from their earlier mistake, EVOS cornered Bigetron into their base and after baiting them out to a fight around the Lord pit, EVOS.Rekt's Chou ushered in the super minions through the bottom lane to seal the victory.

Game 3 was an even affair, but EVOS had that something special which pushed them into the next round.

Just four teams remain in the MPL Indonesia Season 5 Playoffs: RRQ.Hoshi, Bigetron Alpha, defending champions EVOS Legends and ONIC Esports.

The next series is between Bigetron Alpha and ONIC Esports.

The English broadcast of MPL-ID Season 5 Playoffs is presented by eGG Network. Watch it live on eGG Network's Facebook Page.


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