MPL MY S7 begins this 12 March

Posted by San Joe Kim on March 10, 2021

The Mobile Legends: Bang Bang Professional League Malaysia Season 7 (MPL MY S7) is starting this 12 March onwards! In case you haven’t noticed, Season 7 will also be the first season where Malaysia and Singapore will have dedicated leagues. A total of 10 teams will still be participating this year, all hailing from Malaysia, which includes:

  • Geek Fam MY
  • HomeBois
  • Orange Esports
  • Reborn Esports
  • RED
  • RSG MY
  • Suhaz EVOS
  • Team Bosskurr
  • Team SMG

There are also some changes that fans should be aware of:

More matches, more action

Not only are the more weeks, but the very last week itself can potentially feature up to 10 matches in total!

MPL MY S7 will see even more matches being played as the overall duration of the Regular Season has been increased (formerly 6 weeks) to 8 weeks instead! Fans will be able to enjoy 2 more weeks full of MLBB esports goodness between Malaysia’s cream of the crop.

Grouping up

Season 7 will see teams competing via 2 groups throughout the Regular Season as opposed to the previous single group format. Teams in Group A and Group B respectively will play against each other twice in their respective groups via a double round-robin format from Week 1 to Week 5. From Week 6 onwards, the Group A teams will play against Group B teams via a single round-robin format. Aside from this major change, fundamentally the format remains the same. Teams will still play Bo3s with each other, while the other teams that place last in their respective groups will not advance to the Playoffs. 

Aside that, there are also some additional pointers that fans should remember or take note of for Season 7: 

Todak were the invincibles of Season 6

One of the largest rosters in the league to date

Todak was the only team in the history of MPL MYSG to have won the championship without dropping a single series from start to finish. 

A lot of new faces are being introduced this season.

Anything new is always exciting (and scary) for the opposing teams and there are many unknown variables to be considered now in the upcoming season.

Familiar faces, unfamiliar rosters

Look at the size of these rosters!

Attentive fans would realize quite a fair bit of roster shuffles have been done this season. Players that used to be playing for Team A are now playing for Team B and so on. But there is one team that really stands out this season though, and that’s gotta be Todak. They have managed to assemble a huge squad of 10 players! Aside Eone’s tear-jerking retirement, Ashi has now stepped into the playing field and brought alongside 4 additional players into the field. Not to mention, some teams even have 7 players this time around compared to the previous season. Fans should pay special attention to HomeBois, Reborn Esports, RED, RSG MY, and Team Bosskurr as they will have 2 extra substitutes to play around with throughout the season. 

On top of all these roster shuffles, here's a handy video that summarizes some of the storylines that fans should be aware of too:

Same same but different

It will be interesting to see how teams will fare against each other once the Regular Season starts. In addition to teams having the potential of fielding varied player lineups, it’s refreshing in general to see a constant stream of new blood being introduced into the league. When new meets old, great things tend to come out of it. Well more so for fans, rather than the teams competing though. Having more unknown variables to consider will be a tough job for teams, while fans can just sit back and enjoy all the action on screen. Be sure to catch all the action LIVE and see how the more experienced players will fare against the newer players on the block later when the Regular Season starts this 12 March onwards.


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