MPL MY S7 | HomeBois: Never Give Up

MPL MY S7 | HomeBois: Never Give Up

Apr 16, 2021 San Joe Kim  

HomeBois should be another team that is on everyone’s radar this season. After emerging from the MPL MY S7 qualifiers, the team has managed to find its footing among the MPL elites. Despite the team currently placed second in Group A, HomeBois have demonstrated that it has what it takes to give others a run for their money.

HomeBois’ roster currently consists of:

  • Inferni
  • Anippp
  • Avaaa
  • Chibii
  • Ijat
  • oMz
  • Sepat

The current roster actually originated from Team Terbang, except for Avaaa. HomeBois only came into the picture when Inferni and Avaaa reached an agreement to form this team. As MPL’s newer and fresher blood, HomeBois have already managed to snag victories against Team SMG and Orange Esports respectively. However, it is worth noting that whenever the team loses a series, they always make their opponent’s lives difficult. This is evidently seen as TODAK and Reborn Esports had to win their matches through tightly contested 2-1 results.

Hard work pays off

We managed to have a word with HomeBois before the season started. The team had much to say about their qualification journey. “First off, we are very happy as we have been trying to qualify for nearly 4 seasons,” said Chibii. “For us, finally qualifying for Season 7 is considered making history. It was also such an emotional rollercoaster journey to get here, as there were many windy roads to manoeuvre.”

While the team were elated to have qualified, they knew that this was only just the beginning. HomeBois shared that they looked most forward to facing Team Bosskurr. “We want to prove that the younger brother can beat the older brother,” said Avaaa. As for which team would be the biggest threat, HomeBois shared that it would be TODAK due to their previous season’s impression championship win.

Bringing something new to the table

As the season was getting closer, Inferni shared that the team really dialled in on doing as many scrims as possible while studying the meta. When it came to what fans could expect of the team, Sepat shared that “we will showcase an extraordinary style of gameplay that’s different from the others.” Avaaa added that “we would have our own meta. It won’t be comprehensible through the naked eye nor decipherable by normal means.”

HomeBois are staying true to their word, adopting some unique metas of their own, most notably with Eudora as its being commonly banned against them now.

As HomeBois themselves have mentioned, the road to getting here took a lot of hard work. They also shared about their most prominent struggle faced on a day to day basis. Members of the team presently struggle to give full commitment in playing MPL. Despite everyone having their own set of circumstances, the team is doing a great job so far all things considered. “We don’t have too high hopes this season because this is our first MPL after all,” said Avaaa. He added that the team would be more than thankful with a Top 6 finish at the end of the season. 

Did you know that Inferni, Sepat and Ijat are brothers?

The team also shared their thoughts about the league transitioning to be fully MY based. “To us, we prefer a fully MPL MY league as there are still many latent talents lying in wait across the country,” said Sepat. Speaking of latent talents, observant fans would have noticed that the name Anippp has popped up under TODAK’s banner in the past. While he is currently with HomeBois, Anippp shared that he would have a burning fighting spirit when it comes to the showdown with TODAK.

Some words from the HomeBois 

Every team can only go so far without their fans and HomeBois had a thing or two to share with them. “To all of our fans, thank you for continually supporting us whenever we fall and rise as you are all considered the backbone of HomeBois,” shared Ijat. “As for our opponents, you guys better prepare some tissues #supphomies,” strongly suggesting that they will be left in tears. Be sure to catch the team in action for the rest of Season 7 today onwards as Week 6’s matches begin!

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