MPL-MY S7 | Player Spotlight HomeBois Ijat

Posted by George Wong on May 22, 2021

Numbers don't always tell the full story of a player's performance, and today's player to watch out for will help drive home that fact. Averaging 5 deaths a game and an abysmal 1.5 KDA, HomeBois' tank, Ijat might seem like deadweight on his team, but a closer look at his movements in the game will tell a different story. Being the tank player for his squad, his role is to initiate fights and draw the attention of his opponents so that his other cores can dish out the damage in team fights. This means that sometimes you end up surviving, a lot of times you don't. He's usually on heroes like Baxia, Jawhead, and Diggie.

This is Ijat's and HomeBoi's first Mobile Legends: Bang Bang Professional League Malaysia appearance, and for a team that came through the open qualifiers, they performed adequately. Sure, they would have liked to start the playoffs from the upper bracket, but at least they're in the playoffs - they've already made it to the top 8. They even managed to squeeze a 2-0 against Todak during the regular season. For a team's first shot at glory, you can say they did a pretty good job, things can only get better from here.

In the first round of the playoffs, HomeBois will be up against fellow open qualifier team, Red Esports who lost their invitation from season 6. Unfortunately, one of these two teams will have to go - the lower bracket means no second chances. Red Esports are the more experienced team, and the last time they met, it was 2-0 in favour of Red. Can HomeBois avoid making the same mistakes, or will Red Esports still have their number?

The MPL-MY S7 playoffs kick off on 28-30 May, and will be broadcasted live on eGG Network TV, and the MPL Malaysia Facebook Page. Don’t miss out!


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